Community Awareness Program

Field Work is a part of the curriculum in all the semesters in MPH/MHA course. The Field work is focused on celebration of major health days and creating awareness about health at rural villages and urban slums. Students also visit the NGO’s, Primary health centers, community health centers, Anganwadies, Programme health offices, Industries in each semester.The students are exposed to knowledge, attitude and practice of people in terms of health and the problems faced by them. Also, the students are given the opportunities to conduct research projects to solve the issues which have been identified by the students.

Sanitation Awareness Campaign

Group of PIPH students and faculty visited primary school of Ishwarpura village of Waghodiya tehsil. The purpose of visit was to celebrate 150 anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bhadur Shashtri ji to make aware the students of Primary school about Sanitation, Hygiene, and Environment cleanliness.

World Breast Feeding Week 2017

PIPH carried out the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week 2017 starting from 1st to 7th August, 2017 towards support and promotion of breastfeeding at the institute and field area. Activities in the peripheral areas and villages were mainly carried out to reach out to the community and spread the message and counsel the beneficiaries towards breastfeeding. At Anganwadi centres, health talks were organized for the Antenatal and Post natal women of the area catered by that particular Anganwadi and also of the whole village and focused on areas like advantages of exclusive breastfeeding, early initiation, effect on the physical and mental health of the mother and the baby, prevention from infections, correct methods of attachment and positioning, support needed from family and key stake holders and availability of medical and counseling facilities in the nearby areas in case of any difficulty in practicing the same. The students of Parul University prepared posters in local language and photographs on different topics covering benefits of breast feeding, importance of early initiation, myths about breast feeding, position and attachment points of correct breast feeding, exclusive breast feeding etc. They exhibited the posters along with talk by faculties in field area.

Pulse Polioimmunization Field Activity Participation 2017

Parul Institute of Public Health (PIPH) actively participated in the Pulse Polio programme on 29th January, 2017. MPH/MHA students and Parul Institute of Public Health(PIPH) had hands on experience of this programme being a part of pulse polio team in local area to learn about micro panning, supervision, booth activity, house to house activity and activities for hard to reach area like briklinks and construction sites of the area in pulse polio programme.The project fights poliomyelitis through a large-scale pulse vaccination programme and monitoring for polio cases.

AIDS Day Celebration

The theme for the celebration was “Hands up for HIV Prevention”. Activities carried out by the Parul Institute of Public Health (PIPH) and Parul University during the world AIDS day 1st December, 2016 were includedSkit competition, Poster competition, Street Plays, CME held at Parul University Auditorium and Rally held for HIV/AIDS awareness. Parul Institute of Public Health(PIPH) shall continuously work and move towards constant support and promotion of people living with HIV/AIDS each coming year by creating support systems for the same not only on the day but also throughout the year in its quest towards excellence in curative and preventive services.