Days Celebration

World First AID Day Celebration

On 12th September, we have observed the WORLD FIRST AID DAY which was on 8th September. The students of Parul Institute of Public Health organized an event at Parul university Campus. In this event, they perform the Skits and Demonstrations to create an awareness regarding the importance of First aid Treatment and support in common people. In this event they have given information regarding the first aid help in situations of Road Accidents, CPR, Animal and Snake bites, Epileptic Attack, Bleeding from the nose. almost 300-350 students get the benefit of this activity. The Dean of medical collage Dr. Hathilla sir, Additional Dean Dr. D.C. Master sir, Head of PIPH Dr. Naresh Godara sir, Faculty of PSM department and PIPH were present there to motivate the students.