Parul institute of Pharmacy and Research

Dr. T.Y.Pasha

Designation : Director
Total Exp : 26.5 Years
Educational Qualification : M.Pharm , Ph.D.
Research Area :
Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr.T.Y.Pasha, is the Director of Parul institute of Pharmacy and Research. He has got 24 years of Academic Experience. He has organized various seminars and conferences at the institute level.

Since its inception, Parul Institute of Pharmacy & Research, (formerly known as Baroda College of Pharmacy) has grown at a steady pace and today it is recognized internationally for its excellence in teaching as well as infrastructure. Our excellence in academic and related areas have been recognized and accredited by NAAC (UGC) and NBA (AICTE). We have a highly dedicated team of faculty members who are actively involved in the moulding the undergraduate and post graduate students.

Both the graduate and postgraduate students are given facilities to perform research work. Our campus is Wi-Fi enabled campus with high speed connectivity to provide the students access to internet.

Apart from that, we also give due importance to extracurricular activities and encourage students to take part in cultural activities and sports.

Our alumni have been well accepted by both public sector and private sector companies. Our Institute also has a fully fledged counselling cell, placement cell dedicatedly working towards proper placement of students.
I extend my best wishes and prosperous future to the students of our Institute.

Contact Information
Office Phone02668260287
Email[email protected]
Life member of APTI (KA/LK-291).IPA, Registered Pharmacist (No.17491) -- Karnataka State Pharmacy Council, Bangalore. Life member of IPA, June-2002, Mumbai
Specialization AreasDesign and synthesis of organic molecules, Method development and validation
Subject Taught UGPharmaceutical organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutical analysis and Inorganic Pharmaceutical chemistry.
Subject Taught PGModern Method of analysis, Advanced organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry.
Title Description Achieved On
Resource person " Acted as resource person in the workshop on Synopsis Writing organized by Parul Institute Of Ayurved". 2015
Ph.D Guide Recognized Ph.D guide under 1)Parul University 2)Gujarat Technological University . 2015
Expertise Acted as expertise in ABVP organized Regional Level Seminar on PHARMA VISION 2012 2012
Resource person Acted as Resource person in the A.I.C.T.E sponsored Staff Development Program organized by Sigma Institute of Pharmacy delivered a talk on Electrokinetic Chromatography. 2010
Director(Pharmacy) Gujarat Technological University’s Innovation Council has felicitated as Director(Pharmacy) in the Sankul Committee of Vadodara(Gujarat). -
Grants Received AICTE and GUJCOST seminar grants -
Institute / Organization Designation Duration
Parul Institute of Pharmacy Professor Jan - 2012 to Nov - 2012
Pioneer Institute of Pharmacy,Vadodara Principal June - 2008 to Jan - 2012
N.R.Vekaria Institute of Pharmacy,Junagadh Principal Aug - 2005 to May - 2008
S.C.S College of Pharmacy,Harapanahalli,Karnataka Prof & Principal Aug - 2003 to Aug - 2005
V.L.College Of Pharmacy,Raichur,Karnataka Asst.Prof Mar - 1997 to Aug - 2003
S.C.S.College of Pharmacy,Harapanahalli,Karnataka Lecturer Feb - 1991 to Feb - 1997
Qualification Specialization University Passing Year % Class
Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry Mangalore University April, 2004 - -
M.Pharm. Pharmaceutical sciences Gulburga University May, 1991 62.5% First
B.pharm Pharmaceutical Sciences Gulburga University Jul, 1989 62.9% First


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