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Financial Assitance

Parul Institute of Pharmacy is accredited by National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) and National Board of Accreditation (NBA). Parul Institute of pharmacy has always secured good rank in the university results both at UG and PG levels. The research projects grants are the example of quality research work. Till date, institute had received around 68 lacks of rupees grant from government funding agencies like AICTE and GUJCOST.

Details of Financial Assistance received Till Date (Beginning from the Latest and proceeding to the later)

Sr. No.Name of SchemeTitle of the ProjectName of Financial Assistance SanctionedLetter No. & DatePresent Status
Co ordinator
1SGCADDDr. Prafulla Sable150000F No. 7 – 152 / RIFD / SG / POLICY – 1 / 2013 – 14 dated July, 26, 2013Completed
2FDP, AICTEFaculty DevelopmentDr. Prafulla Sable700000F.No.6-77/RIFD/FDP/P(2)/2013-14 Date-18.06.2013Completed
3EDC, AICTEEntrepreneurship Development CellDr. Rajesh KS800000Ref. No. RIFD/EDC (70)/2010-11. Date-31 March 2011Completed
4RPS, AICTEBiotehnologyDr. Rajesh KS1345000Ref. No. 8023/RID/RPS/067/11/12.Date- 15 Feb 2012Completed
5RPS, AICTEDesign & Development of collidal drug delivery system for treatment of psorasisDr. Rajesh KS2050000Ref. No. 8023/RID/RPS-88(Pvt)/2011-12.Date- 19Dec 2011Completed
6IIPC, AICTEIndustry Institute InterationDr. Rajesh KS990000Ref. No. RIFD/IIPC (58)/2010-11. Date-31 March 2011Completed
7MRP, GUJCOSTPreperation & charecterization of bromocreptine Mesylate mucoadhesive microemulsion & evaluation for its brain targeting efficiency through intranasal route for the treatment of parkinsons's diseaseDr. Rajesh KS70000GUJCOST/MRP/12-13/46/1460, 28th MARCH 2013Completed
8MRP, GUJCOSTPreperation & charecterization of brain targeting Mucoadhesive nano particles of eropeptide derivatives for the treatment of parkinson's diseaseDr. B.K.Sridhar150000GUJCOST/MRP/12-13/70/1465. 28tH MARCH 2013Completed
9MRP, GUJCOSTsynthesis and biological evaulation of steroidal aromatse inhibitors for brest cancer treatmentDr. Prafulla Sable280000GUJCOST/MRP/12-13/48/1489. DATE-28th MARCH 2013Completed
Awards, Recognitions, Rankings

The achievements of students and faculty always raised the standard of any institute. The following list is the top ranking students of Parul institute of pharmacy in UG and PG level. The quality education is the main mission and faculties are continuously trying their best in the guidance of Principal Dr Abhay Dharamsi to raise it more and more higher level.

• Institute achieved top 10 ranking in all pharmacy colleges in GTU.
• Institute has been selected as a Best pharmacy institute in Western region in 2013.
• Two times in the year 2013 & 2015 Parul Institute of Pharmacy has been selected as Best Academia Industry Collaboration with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry).
• Since 2010 Institute has been filed total 16 patents in IPO (Indian Patent Office).
• More than 150 Research Article has been published by Faculty of Parul Institute of Pharmacy.
• Peer reviewed journal PHARMAGENE is published quarterly in the year.