School of Pharmacy has all the infrastructure and facilities to run the B Pharm course. There are different labs for different departments of the institute. The Pharmaceutics lab deals with the preparation and evaluation of various dosage forms like tablets, capsules, liquids, creams and ointments etc. The lab has attached machine room with essential equipments like tablet compression machine, Tablet disintegration Apparatus, Tablet Hardness Tester, liquid filling and sealing machine, capsule counter, ball mill, V-cone Blender, ampoule filling and sealing machine, etc. All the glass wares and chemicals required for making formulations are available.

The pharmaceutical Chemistry lab deals with the identification and characterization of different medicinal substances and drugs. The lab has all the necessary equipments, glass wares and chemicals to run the pharmaceutical chemistry and medicinal chemistry labs. The lab is well ventilated with exhaust system and fume hood to handle acids & other corrosive chemicals. There is proper storage system for storing different types of chemicals. Proper safety and precaution are observed while doing experiments in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab.

The Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab is for learning the quality control and analysis of different drug substances and products. The lab has all the necessary facilities to carry out experiments. There is Central Instrumentation room where sophisticated instruments for identification and characterization of drugs are kept. The instruments includes UV/Vis Spectroscopy, HPLC, Flame Photometer, Nephloturbidity meter, Potentiometer, Conductivity meter, Dissolution testing apparatus, Ion Exchanger, Distillation Unit, etc.

The Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) lab along with HAP museum has all the necessary instruments and apparatus to study anatomy and physiology of humans. All the blood and related tests like Haemoglobin determination, RBC count; WBC count etc can be carried out. Other important tests like Blood Pressure determination, ESR , BMI etc and be done in the lab. The HAP museum have bones, skeleton system, permanent histological slides, models to show different systems of body like digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, excretory and reproductive systems etc. Necessary arrangements are done to carry out the practicals and report in the journal. Student compound light microscopes are available to the students on individual basis to study the tissue microscopically.

The School of Pharmacy will be ably supported by two other pharmacy colleges viz., Parul Institute of Pharmacy and Parul Institute of Pharmacy & Research.