About Institute

Orientation Booklet-2019-20

Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College (APC) was established in 2009 with affiliation to Gujarat University and is now shining as a branch of Faculty of Physiotherapy, Parul University, since 2015.

A Physiotherapist is health care professional, who facilitates faster improvement in movements, performance and functions of the patients. The advance in physiotherapy is not restricted only to the rehabilitation, but includes all the diversified aspect of patient’s life. With newer technologies and interventions, we enhance Health and Fitness towards creating a better future and makes life smoother and comfortable.

Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College (APC) is the preferred destination where teachers and students work as a unit. In acquaintance and updating of current technologies such as PFT,EMG,NCV, TMT and Balance master etc , It pursue faculty enriched with excellence in physiotherapy field.

The college has very talented and dedicated faculties who strive to create an enabling and homely environment in the college which facilitates the exchange of knowledge.

The acquaintance of well equipped infrastructure and access to latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment nurture the students with tremendous potentials and skills.

The institute serves the society with under graduation as well as post graduation courses in different fields of physiotherapy.
By means of active collaboration with many multispecialty hospitals, the department emphasis on continuous improvements in course curriculum, teaching-learning practices and evaluation methods.