Seminar on ill-effects of drug abuse

Parul University had arranged a programme on the ill-effects of drug abuse on 18.4.2017 at the University Campus. Shri.Hari Om Gandhi, Zonal Head, Narcotics Control Bureau, Ahmedabad Zonal Unit addressed about 400 students and faculty members on various issues concerning the use of narcotics. Smt.Falguni Patel, ACP, Baroda, the Provost, Dr.Ketan Kotecha and Dr.B.J.Rathore, the Campus Director were present. Smt.Sonika Prajapati conducted the proceedings.

Shri.Gandhi, while addressing the gathering, outlined the different products which can be classified as drugs and intoxicants. Drugs are those substances which make a person ecstatic, delirious and which make a person do the things which the person is not aware of. Each person before getting addicted will start using intoxicants to overcome certain anxieties and later the consumption of such substances becomes an addiction. He quoted several incidences wherein the parents of such addicts complained to the Police to jail their children because they could not withstand the tantrums thrown by such children at home. He listed a number of substances such as Opium Poppy, Marijuana etc…which, when consumed in excess quantities, will become toxic for the human physiology. He appealed to the young generation that they should fight against the temptation for consumption of these substances. Further, if they find any of their friends leaning towards their consumption, they should counsel them against such activity and bring the matter immediately to the notice of such person’s parents/ teachers. He elaborated on the fact that the NCB has gone much beyond just policing on these activities and come up with the idea of formation of Healthy Campus Committees in different colleges/ universities. The NCB facilitates conducting different socially relevant activities through the Healthy Campus Committees and also helps the college administration in issuing Certificates to those persons who do commendable job through these committees. They also involve the other existing institutions such as NCC,NSS,NGOs and others to reach out to maximum clientele. He urged all the youngsters to work towards preventing the 60% of youth who are not into any form of drug abuse from falling a prey to the temptations.

ACP,Falguni Patel, while addressing the gathering, said the three important causes for anyone to fall a victim to drug abuse are the goals set by persons for themselves, boredom which they face and the urge to be different from others. She exhorted the youngsters to watch out for peculiar behaviour of students and report the same to the parents immediately.

Parul University has initiated action for formation of Healthy Campus Committees comprising 15 students volunteers and one faculty nominee in each of its 28 colleges. All the members of newly formed Campus Committees attended the session.

Seminar on Professional skill and field education

A seminar was organized for the student of BSW, MSW and MSW (HRM) on 17th September 2016 and the topics was on Emotional Stability and Anger Management, Managerial Effectiveness, Research Report Writing, and Corporate Social Responsibility. It was organized by faculty of social worker, Parul University. The objective of the programme was to make students understand Anger Controlling, Manage Resources effectively, Improve Research Report Writing and Corporate Social Responsibility.