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Women’s Day Celebration

Faculty of Social Work students work in the nearby villages of the Parul University and focuses on the development issues such as education, health, creating awareness on different Govt. schemes etc. As a part of International Women’s Day celebration on March 10, 2017, Parul Institute of Social Work along withInstitute of Preventive and Social Medicine, Physiotherapy and Nursing organized a Women’s day celebration for local village women in Kamlapura and Ishwarpura villages.
The event proved to be enriching the knowledge of the women on the health related issues. It is encouraging to note that in all, about 30 women (in both the villages) enthusiastically participated during the programme. It was interesting to observe that they were attentively listening to the health talks. They also did the exercises taught to them. Moreover, the awards received by the village women for their extraordinary efforts were appreciated by the women and the school Principal and teachers.