Outreach Activities

In this global economy, students having international exposure get an added advantage. The management of Parul University makes special efforts to provide the students with the unique opportunities to travel to different parts of the globe and get academic as well as cultural exposure. Since past three years this has been a regular practice and this time round the numbers; be the students or the countries or the renowned universities; have risen considerably. Students had the opportunity to choose from Renowned Universities from United States of America (USA), Germany, Poland, Canada, Poland, Solvenia and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Seminar on 'Study in Canada'

Study Abroad Desk at Parul University has organised seminar on ‘Study in Canada’ on 24th January 2019, Thursday, wherein 80 students participated in the event. The session was focused for students interested to pursue their higher studies in Canada. Students were given information on Canadian culture, education system and post work permit in Canada.

A formal certificate distribution ceremony

A formal certificate distribution ceremony was organised for the students who visited BernUniversity of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, University of Tartu, Estonia and Peoples’ Friendship University, Russia on various short term exchange programs.
A glimpse of the gathering where Dr. Geetika Madan Patel, Managing Trustee and Member of Governing Body, PU and Dr. M. N. Patel, Provost, PU gave away the credit certificates to the students.

Specialized seminar on French Language Class by Alliance Francoise

Parul University is a vibrant platform, working for the betterment of students in all the aspects. It was an immense pleasure to host a seminar on ‘French language classes’ from Alliance Francoise, Baroda. Ms. Hiranmayee Bhatt, Branch head, Alliance Francoise, Baroda visited Parul University. Alliance Francoise is an internationally recognised French language training institution and cultural centre.

The Seminar was organised by the Linguistic Study Centre under the study abroad desk of International Relations Cell, Parul University.

IELTS Master Class training

Bansi Dadhania from IRC department, Parul University has attended IELTS Master Class training, ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop at British Council Mumbai, on 13-15-December, 2018.
This workshop helped her gaining knowledge and learning new practices for IELTS class.
Mrs. Vandana Saigaonkar, the trainer at British Council, is been involved in this ‘Train the Trainer’ program since many years.
Topics covered in workshop:
1. Introduction of IELTS 4 components (listening, reading, writing & speaking)
2. Skills required for IELTS learning
3. Strategies useful as IELTS teacher
4. Activities conducted in IELTS class
5. Band markers description for IELTS score
6. Challenges faced as a tutor

Visit of Russian Professors at Parul University

From 19th-22nd December, Four Russian Professors from Institute of Innovative Engineering technologies, People’s Friendship University of Russia, RUDN, Moscow, Russia, visited Parul University for the fruitful discussions of the programs for futuristic collaborations.
Highlights of the meeting:
1. Joint Conferences and Seminars.
2. Joint Master and Ph. D programs
3. Study Abroad
4. Internships in Multi National Companies and Organization for our students in Russia.
5. Participation of PU students in the summer schools organized by Institute of Innovative Engineering technologies, RUDNU, Russia.
6. Participation of the students from Institute of Innovative Engineering technologies, in the upcoming Summer school in the Month of Feb 2019.

Visit at British Council, Ahmedabad for ‘Study UK Exhibition’

29th November 2018, Thursday was the ‘Study UK exhibition’ organised by British Council at Ahmedabad. Officer- International Relations Cell, Bansi Dadhania from Parul university had participated in the meet.
It was a great opportunity to visit such an exhibition, as many well known UK Universities were present with their course availabilities for study abroad options. She personally met the university representative and had a quality interaction in context to our international collaborations, exchange programs, summer school, YEEP also the study abroad desk and Linguistic study Centre.

Expert lectures addressed by Russian Professors at Parul University

On 29th November to 1st December, Parul University had hosted lectures of Russian professors, Valeria Berest & Natalia Tataurschikova on the topical issues of immunology, chemistry and philosophy for professors and media as well as undergraduate and graduate students of Indian Universities.

The event is supported by the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Delhi and Rossotrudnichestvo.

Guest Lecture Topics were:
  • Medical and social adaptation issues among metropolitan citizens. The key role of our immunity in terms of maintaining health
  • Decolonizing the mind: anthropological aspects of the concept of corporeality
  • The practice of organic farming for food security problem-solving in big cities
  • Green chemistry approaches towards biologically active compounds and known drugs – state of the art
Guest speakers were:

ValeriaBerest –Researcher at the National Center for ContemporaryArt (NCCA-ROSIZO), member of the British Association of Art Historians, an applicant for the Department of General History of Art at Lomonosov, Moscow State University.

Natalia Tataurschikova –Deputy Dean of the Department of Continuous Medical Education of the RUDN University, Professor of the Department of Allergology and Immunology of the Department of Continuous Medical Education of the RUDN University, MD.

Seminar on Study in France, Alliance of France, French Embassy

On 26th of July, 2018 a seminar was arranged for Parul University’s students who are having desire of study abroad, by Study Abroad Desk, International Relations Cell, Parul University. It was pleasure for PU as seminar was addressed by Mr. Sujit Nair, Manager of Alliance France, a French government body who take care of student visa processing for students who wish to study in France, himself. He educated students about France as country, French education system, Study options in France, their tuition fees, costing, career opportunities, scholarships, visa processing etc. He also focused on various facility that French government give to an International students.

International Day - 2018

Taking in account the massive interest of the students who are looking for the opportunity to go abroad for higher studies, on 3rd April, 2018 (Tuesday), PU- IRC organized an education symposium “INTERNATIONAL DAY – 2018”.This event is dedicated to all those students who are aspiring for higher studies abroad.

Some major highlights are opportunity to interact with representatives from various leading foreign Universities, aspirants can gather information on educational opportunities abroad, free counselling session with the experts, In campus IELTS coaching, information on the procedure and all related documentations required for moving abroad.

Meeting with Delegates from University of Applied Sciences, Mainz Germany

Dr. Gunther Piller, Vice Dean, School of Business, University of Applied Sciences, Mainz Germany, Visited Parul University from 17th to 19th October 2018 for the fruitful discussions on the agenda’s like Cooperation, Proposal of Summer Schools (Exchange Programs) both for Students and Faculties, Internship Options etc.

Training Program by Professors from Russia

Three Professors from the Faculty of Journalism visited Parul University from RUDNU, Moscow, Russia and taught the students about recent advances and best practices of Journalism in Russia.

Dr Preeti Nair visited Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania, Europe

Dr Preeti Nair visited Vilnius University of Applied Sciences under the Erasmus Plus Faculty Exchange Program to deliver lectures and present paper in the International Conference. Very soon we will have opportunities for our Students to undergo exchange program in Lithuania, Europe.

Train-the-Trainer Program conducted by CABCIN

In days 21st November – 24th November 2017 first module of the Train-The-Trainer program had been conducted in India for the selected participants from Parul University & R K University. The course titled ‘Developing e-learning courses and activities’ delivered by the trainer from WUST. Trainees had learned how to plan and develop e-learning courses and activities, how to effectively use an e-learning platform in teaching and, how to set the roles and create various activities, share online courses with multimedia, tasks, and quizzes.

Professors from Mechanical Engineering Department of WRUST POLAND visited PU

Two Professors from Mechanical Engineering Department of WRUST POLAND, Prof. Marek and Prof. Naplocha, visited PU under Erasmus Teachers mobility for one week lecture sessions of PU students.

Kick off meeting of CABCIN

National & International Universities to work together to raise standards of Teaching staff in Indian Institutions offering Higher Education

3 Year Project CABCIN Initiated: “Establishment of Capacity Building Centres as a Sustainable Solution to Raise the Standards of Teaching Staff in Indian Heis”

As per the Planning Commission of India’s 12th Five Year Plan (Page 62), Special Focus is laid on the Improving the Teaching Standards in India. “Development of supervisors and foremen, through suitable programmes, collaboratively designed and managed by industry and educational and training institutions must be ensured along with the emphasis on development of skilled workmen and good managers” quotes the 12th Five Year Plan.

The Erasmus+ Program (EU programme to support education, training for students, individuals and organisations) for The Action Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education of European Union invited applications for the same from Universities from Programme and eligible Partner Countries.
Capacity Building projects in the field of higher education are transnational cooperation projects based on multilateral partnerships. In 2016, 736 Applications from Programme and eligible Partner Countries were submitted out of which 147 Applications were approved; CABCIN is one of those. The Project is lead by Dr. Kamila Ludwikowska, Wroclaw University of Science & Technology, Poland. 5 Indian Universities and 5 European Universities would be working together for the Project; Wroclaw University of Science & Technology, Poland, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, Gent University, Belgium, Frederick University, Cyprus, Parul University, Vadodara, Amity University, Haryana, RK University, Rajkot, SAL Institute of Technology & Engineering Research, Ahmedabad & North Maharashtra University.

The Project aims to encourage cooperation between the EU and India (Partner Country) and support eligible partner countries in addressing challenges in the management and governance of their higher education institutions. This includes improving the quality of higher education, developing new and innovative education programmes, modernising higher education systems through reform practices as well as fostering cooperation across different regions of the world through joint initiatives.

Under one of the Erasmus+ Action, “International Credit Mobility, a student from here may get an opportunity to study abroad at a partner HEI or even a traineeship (Work Placement) abroad in an enterprise or any other relevant workplace in one of the consortium countries whereas Staff from here may also get a training period abroad and a staff from EU Partners may conduct a teaching period here, said Dr Devanshu Patel, President of one of the Partnering Indian Universities.

Delegates from WUST, Poland Visited Parul University

Four delegates Prof. Robert Lis,Vice- Dean for part-time studies and international programs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering , dr Andrzej Moczko, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vice- Rector for Research and University advisor for International Affairs, dr Andrzej Siemiński, Faculty coordinator (Computer Science) of the TECHSummer School at the Faculty of Computer Science and Management , Karolina Farbiszewska, Head of the Section for International Events, International Office from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WUST), Poland Visited Parul University, India from 1st March 2017 to 4th March, 2017 to discuss more possibilities for collaboration in the area of research and faculty exchange and also to promote their TECHSummer 2017 organized by WUST from 19th June 2017 to 29th July 2017 for the students of Parul University in the Engineering and Management disciplines.

Professors From University of Wismar, Germany Visited PGI

Delegates from University of Wismar with an aim to increase institutional partnership & knowledge sharing in Technological & Engineering Studies as well as in Business Management visited Parul University, Vadodara.University of Wismar, Germany was represented by Prof. Dr. Norbert Gruenwald, Prof. Andreas Ahrens and Prof. Basus .
These officials were individually welcomed with a book and a momento by Dr. Devanshu J Patel (Trustee, PASM), Dr. Rajkumari Soni (Head IRC) and Prof. Colin Roberts respectively. Accompanying consulting official Mr. Ravish Shah was given an equally warm welcome.

During meeting with them, various points were discussed for future alliance and project partnership in different areas with Parul University. It was preceded by a hi-tea where Dr. Devanshu Patel and IRC members interacted with officials of University of Wismar, Germany discussed about strengthening strategic relations between the two institutions.
The meeting ended with a thanks by Dr. Devanshu Patel and visiting delegates’ tour of Parul Institutes’ campus.

Visit of British Council at Parul University

‘Great Britain’ campaign, the British Council organized the Great UK education seminar here at Parul University, Vadodara.
The ‘Great United Kingdom’ education seminar at Parul Institute was conducted and coordinated by Ms Rupal Parikh[British Council, British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai] and Dr. Rajkumari Soni [Head- International Relations Cell(IRC), Parul Institutes] and team on Tuesday. Here Dr. Soni presented Ms. Parikh with a book and welcomed her.
‘Great UK’ launched, has been a strategic international marketing programme designed to promote the United Kingdom to business, tourism and student markets worldwide in order to enhance its global reputation and deliver long-term economic benefits. This seminar covered various aspects of studying in the United Kingdom i.e. choosing the right academic course & institution in the UK; applying for UK student visas; IELTS and working in the UK.
This further provided insightful information for studying undergraduate, postgraduate or research degrees in the UK, and life as a student in the UK & its culture. Later eager Parul students in their one to one interactions with Ms Parikh discussed their queries related to higher education in UK. Ms Parikh also gave a small token of appreciation to all seminar participants.
This event was preceded by a hi-tea where Dr. Devanshu Patel (Trustee, PASM) and IRC members interacted with Ms Rupal Parikh and discussed possibilities about developing strategic relations with British Council and British Government recognized UK Universities.

The day before, a networking reception was hosted by the British Council at Surya Palace Hotel, Vadodara where IRC, Parul Institutes’ officials (Dr Rajkumari Soni, Dr BK Sridhar and Prof. Dhruvil Shah) had an opportunity to interact and network with senior officials like Sam Harvey and Sunil Koli – both from the British Council, British High Commission, Mumbai.

Officers From Lambton College, Canada Visited Parul University

As part of developing International Relations (IR) and collaborating with foreign educational institutions the International Relations Cell, Parul University and Kanan International Pvt. Ltd. jointly organized an event to inform students at Parul Campus about the content and scope of post-graduate studies at Lambton College and life in Canada.

Objective of the Event

Encouraged by the presence of Seventy plus Ex-Parul Students at Lambton College Campuses in Canada, the Lambton College officials’ objectives to visit Parul Campus were to initiate greater dialogue with Parul authorities and invite students to study in Canada and especially at Lambton College.

Special Guests and Event details

On the day, Mr. Chris Slade (Dean of International Education, Lambton College, Canada) was welcomed with a book by Dr. Devanshu Patel, Managing Trustee, Parul Institutes; Mr. Mathew Redford (International Student Support and Activities, Lambton College, Canada) and Ms Sonal of Kanan International Pvt. Ltd as well were book welcomed by Mr. Colin Roberts (Trainer, CDC) and Mr. Dhruvil Shah (Lecturer PIET-Diploma Studies) – members of International Relations Cell, Parul Institutes.
On the day, the Head of International Relations Cell, Dr. Rajkumari Soni (Reader-PIET MBA programme) ably anchored the event; Mr Dhruvil (Lecturer, PIET), Prof. Deepa Karvat (Asst. Professor, PIET), and Prof. Mitali Rana (Reader, PIAR) exemplarily coordinated the entire event, followed by a well-worded vote of thanks by Dr. B. K Shridhar (Professor, PIPR).


Mr. Chris Slade soon after the official welcome leaped into speaking about Canada and Lambton College. Here are the main points captured through the presentation:

  • In the past 45 years, Lambton College has evolved from a community college into a worldwide leader in post-secondary education with over 3,600 full-time and 6,500 part-time students. With main campus located in Sarnia, Ontario and other two campuses in Toronto and Saskatchewan
  • The major areas of academic focus are IT, Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical – Engineering and Business studies.
  • Academics at Lambton is ‘student-focused & driven’ i.e. there are twenty hours of classroom study additional 40 hours would need to be put in by the student if he/she wants to succeed at Lambton.
  • The major selling feature about education at Lambton College is that students get opportunities to interact with both International as well as local Canadian students helping them to become one with Canadian culture.
  • List of programmes offered to International Students can be found here http://www.lambton.on.ca/Programs/International_Programs.aspx
  • Admission Requirements are 6.0 IELTS score(5.5 minimum for Diplomas) for all Graduate or Post Graduate Studies
  • Living costs vary between CA$6000/ to CA$11000/- depending on the Living Standards, more info: http://www.lambton.on.ca/International/Living_Costs/
  • Scholarships are awarded through faculty nominations based on guidelines considering – Communication Skills, Leadership Qualities, Interactions with Faculties and Students, Willingness to Learn, Dedication to continuously Improve, Academic Excellence, Extracurricular/Volunteer Work on or off the campus.
  • Studying and Working in Canada: During the semesters students can work part time for twenty hours and full time during vacation period(approximately 4 months), through this esp. the international students significantly can contribute to their living expenses. On Campus jobs are as well offered to international students. For further detailed information see http://www.lambton.on.ca/display_col.aspx?id=2147484988 and http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/work.asp
  • Special Facilities provided to International Students at Lambton are:
    1. Airport Pickup – The International Student Office at Lambton ensures that International Students are greeted at the Sarnia Airport by either their host families or by a representative from the International Office.
    2. Orientation –programmes are delivered by the staff of the International Education and Services Department providing vital information regarding community services, academic issues and general life at Lambton College. Tours and various social activities are organized at the beginning of each semester.
    3. Health Care – Lambton College recognizes the importance of medical protection. All internationals students have access to a comprehensive health and hospital insurance plan for a competitive monthly rate. Medical staff are on duty at the Wellness Centre in the Main Campus.
    4. English as a Second Language – Necessary coaching to improve English as a second language is provided to international students
    5. Employment Skills’ Training and Placement Assistance is provided to international students giving them access a variety of employment options while living and studying in Sarnia
    6. Videos about Lambton College can be found at http://www.lambton.on.ca/International/VideoGallery.aspx

For further information about Lambton College you may contact in person the Members of the International Relations Cell or email us at [email protected]

Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland Visited Parul University

An aim to increase institutional partnership & knowledge sharing in Technological & Engineering Studies Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland visited Parul University, Vadodara.
Wroclaw University of Technology was represented by Prof. Janusz Górniak (Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology), Ms. Ewa Markowska (Admissions Officer) and Ms Marta Zdziech (Admissions Officer).
These officials were individually welcomed with a book and a momento by Dr. Devanshu J Patel (Trustee, PASM), Dr. Rajkumari Soni (Head IRC) and Dr Shital Shah (Principal-PIT) respectively. Accompanying consulting officials were given an equally warm welcome.

This seminar covered various aspects of studying in Wroclaw University, Poland – information about specialized courses undergraduate, postgraduate or research degrees especially in Applied Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science; applying for admission to Wroclaw University; Student Visa procedure; need for IELTS and working in Poland.
Later Parul Institutes’ students in their one to one interactions with Ms. Ewa Markowska discussed their queries related to higher education in Poland.

This event was preceded by a hi-tea where Dr. Devanshu Patel and IRC members interacted with officials of Wroclaw University of Technology discussed about strengthening strategic relations between the two institutions. During lunch several key officials of Parul Institutes and Wroclaw University discussed about signing a MoU.
The event and the day ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Devanshu Patel and visiting delegates’ tour of Parul Institutes’ campus.