Staff Profile

Prof. Preeti Nair
I consider myself to be a dedicated,self-motivated and a person with high Self Integrity. Challenges and Innovations are a driving force for me. My core aptitude lies is in the area of Strategic Planning and Structuring. Over the years of experience in Industry and Academia, I have gained immense knowledge in Manpower Planning, Resource Allocation and Efficient Delivery of the tasks. Research in the area of Competency Mapping has helped me to understand the importance of correct Recruitment, Training and Performance Management System. International Exposures has value added my skills for creativity and adaptation to new technologies and systems.
Prof. Dhruvil Shah
International Relations Officer
He facilitates International Exchange Programmes & Study tours for students & faculties. He is engaged in Managing Events and Festival celebrations at Parul University; Fostering Entrepreneurship activities at campus; Promoting Importance of International Education among the students at Campus.
Mrs. Shikha Singh
International Relations Officer
Officer Shikha Singh plays a central role in supporting the development and
delivery of International engagement strategies at Parul University.
She is responsible for the management of external relationships with the
International Universities, will also be involved in the planning and briefing for
inward/outward visits with International Academic Partners.
Mr. Jignesh Mistry
International Relations Officer
Officer Jignesh Mistry plays a central role in study abroad program
and supporting the development of partnership and collaboration of
Parul University at global level institutions.
Ms. Bansi Dadhania
International Relations Officer
Promoting, Counseling and Assisting Parul University students for Study Abroad program at Global Universities. Coordinating with different universities for study abroad program.
Ms. Salony Joshi
International Relations Officer
Officer Salony counsels students for Study Abroad Program. She is also responsible for all Financial Aids of the Study Abroad program. Also, facilitating students exchange programs like summer school, semester exchange, short term programs, dual degree programs, internship programs, staff mobility etc.