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Visit of European Delegates from Ireland & Greece

It’s immense pleasure for Parul University to host a visit of Mr. Leonidas Tzonis, Chief Financial Officer of Hellenic American University, Greece and Consultant to the Director, Global Initiative Office, European Public Law Organization (EPLO) along with Mr. Jagdeep Swahney, CEO, Conquez, one of the
world’s rare education advisories and solution providers.

Parul University can consider 01st Dec 2018 as a precious day for University and their students as delegates from European countries visited Parul University with a positive note of collaboration in various areas. The meeting was really fruitful and both universities found very good Opportunities for co-operation in various fields.

Ruhr West signs first partnership agreement with Indian university

Teaching at Ruhr West, Susanne Staude, and the President of Parul University in India, Devanshu Patel, recently signed a partnership agreement on the Ruhr West campus. For Ruhr West, this represents another step towards internationalisation and a valuable addition to its network of international partners.
‘Having spent time abroad during their studies enhances our graduates’ prospects on the labour market, which is why study abroad is an increasingly important factor’, says Ruhr West Vice President Susanne Staude. ‘That is why we want to give our students opportunities early on to spend time abroad and get into contact with students in other countries. Globally, India is among the regions seeing the strongest economic growth and hence a very interesting partner for our university’, says Staude, explaining the motivation behind seeking a partnership with an Indian university.
Representatives of Ruhr West and Parul University first met at the EAIE conference in Geneva, Switzerland, in September 2018, which both institutions attended. The new partnership agreement is designed to facilitate and promote bilateral exchanges between the two universities. In terms of student exchanges, the focus will initially be on the Institute of Business Administration. Here, the opportunity to study abroad in India will be most appealing to students enrolled in the B.A. programme in ‘International Business and Emerging Markets’.
The plan is to gradually expand the exchange programme between Parul and Ruhr West to enable students of all Ruhr West faculties to participate in the bilateral exchanges. Another idea is to add teacher exchanges at some point to promote future collaboration between the two universities at this level as well.