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Visit of delegates from its partner university, Vincent Pol University, Poland

PU was glad to have delegates from its partner university, Vincent Pol University, Poland. Ms. Dorota Sylwia Stefanek-Langham, M.A. Deputy President for International Studies, Ms.Monika Wrobel, M.A. Head of International Studies Office and, Mr. Vishal Sagar Agnihotri, Director of Admissions Office
from Vincent Pol University visited Parul University on 29th March 2019. Their visit proved very fruitful for students of Parul Unviersity as during the meeting with president and heads of various departments, they offered various integrated courses along with short term exchange programmes which will be very useful for PU students. It was really an opportunity for both the university to strengthen their collaboration and take it to the next level.

Visit of Mr. Brayn Davis & Dr. Leslie Wickman from California Baptist University, USA

06th March was a precious day for Parul University to host the visit of Mr. Bryan Davis, Dean, International Programs and Dr. Leslie Wickman, Professor of Aerospace, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering from California Baptist University (CBU), USA. Parul University can consider 06th March 2019 as a fruitful day for University and their students as delegates from CBU, USA visited Parul University with a positive note of collaboration in various areas. The meeting was really gainful and both universities found very good opportunities for co-operation in various fields. A summer program offered by CBU and they also shown interest to send their students in PU’s Indian Summer School.
It was a pleasure and great opportunity to see & to attend the guest lecture addressed by Dr. Leslie Wickman on the topic “Living & Working in Space”, for PU students of Aeronautical & Mechanical stream. Post-lecture, Dr. Wickman interacted with students on the various projects that can be conducted at their level as well as she gifted her signed photograph to each student.

BBA Students at Faculty of Business Administration, PU who are currently at Czech Technical University

Parshva Gundigara and Kruparthi Trivedi, BBA Students at Faculty of Business Administration, PU who are currently at Czech Technical University, Prague under the Erasmus plus Mobility student exchange Program fully funded by the European Union.

Delegates from the University of Highlands and Islands, Scotland visited Parul University

Delegates from the University of Highlands and Islands, Scotland visited PU to foster the partnership to facilitate students and faculty exchange programs. They also discussed in depth the Avenues of Research and Development and Government Funded projects.

Delegates from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA visited PU

On 7th Feb 2019, Dr. Tracy Buss- Associate Director for International Partnerships and Market Development, Center for International Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA and Ms. Priyal Shah – Regional Manager, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Srilanka) visited Parul University. Dr. Gitika Patel, Dean of the medical department and member of the governing body, Parul University, Mr. Jignesh Mistry, Officer, IRC department, Parul University, Ms. Shikha Darji, Officer, Parul University, and the delegates from UWM had a meeting during their visit where important areas of collaborations were discussed. Various information like exchange programs, full-time study programs, faculty exchange was discussed and found a good number of opportunities for a fruitful collaboration for the students of both the universities.

Delegates from University of Applied Sciences, Vilinius, Lithuania, Europe visited PU

It was a pleasure to welcome Nijolė Zinkevičienė, Vice Rector, Research and International Partnerships and Jolanta Preidienė, Head of International Relations Cell at University of Applied Sciences, Vilinius, Lithuania, Europe, to the Campus of Parul University. Issues related to students, faculty Exchange and Research partnership were discussed.

Academic Director, International Cooperations, Mias School of Business, Czech Republic visited Parul University

Prof. Dr. Jan Vlachý, Academic Director, International Cooperations, Mias School of Business, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic visited Parul University under the visiting fellowship program. He delivered modular teaching in the area of international trade for PU students over a period of two weeks and also discussed various avenues of collaboration between both the Universities.

Expert speaker for the 5 day lectures on "International Trade & Finance"

Get an opportunity to meet Prof. Vlachy from Czech Technical University, Prague.
Expert speaker for the 5 day lectures on “International Trade & Finance”. Guide for admission & entrance test for MSc program in CTU, Prague.


(1) 5 Day Lecture series on “International Trade & Finance – From 05th Feb to 11th Feb 2019. Time: 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM – By participating in these Expert Lectures you’ll have an unique opportunity to get the knowledge from an international university.

(2) Entrance Test & Interview to get admitted in MSc Promgram of CTU – 09th February 2019. Time: 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM – If study abroad is your dream, come & appear for admission test & an interview for doing Master course in CTU.

4 Week Short Exchange Program offered by Carleton University, Canada

Details of the Program:
Host University: Carleton University, Canada

Country: Canada

Program Type: 4 Week Short Exchange

No. of students: 07

Discipline: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering & IT, Business Administration.

No. of Subjects: 1

Semester: 2nd/4th& 8th Sem

Duration: 1 Month (18th January to 17th February 2019)

Year Exchange Program offered by University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule, Mainz, Germany

Details of the Program:
Host University: University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule, Mainz

Country: Germany

Program Type: Year Exchange

No. of students: 02

Discipline: Civil Engineering

No. of Subjects: 7

Semester: 6th

Duration: 1 year (1st March 2019 to 1st March 2020)


Research Projects of two engineering students receive full funding to Belgium

Two engineering students of Parul University (PU) have bagged a one year long research exchange program to pursue their research project at the University of Mons in Belgium.

Ruhr West signs first partnership agreement with Indian university

Teaching at Ruhr West, Susanne Staude, and the President of Parul University in India, Devanshu Patel, recently signed a partnership agreement on the Ruhr West campus. For Ruhr West, this represents another step towards internationalisation and a valuable addition to its network of international partners.
‘Having spent time abroad during their studies enhances our graduates’ prospects on the labour market, which is why study abroad is an increasingly important factor’, says Ruhr West Vice President Susanne Staude. ‘That is why we want to give our students opportunities early on to spend time abroad and get into contact with students in other countries. Globally, India is among the regions seeing the strongest economic growth and hence a very interesting partner for our university’, says Staude, explaining the motivation behind seeking a partnership with an Indian university.
Representatives of Ruhr West and Parul University first met at the EAIE conference in Geneva, Switzerland, in September 2018, which both institutions attended. The new partnership agreement is designed to facilitate and promote bilateral exchanges between the two universities. In terms of student exchanges, the focus will initially be on the Institute of Business Administration. Here, the opportunity to study abroad in India will be most appealing to students enrolled in the B.A. programme in ‘International Business and Emerging Markets’.
The plan is to gradually expand the exchange programme between Parul and Ruhr West to enable students of all Ruhr West faculties to participate in the bilateral exchanges. Another idea is to add teacher exchanges at some point to promote future collaboration between the two universities at this level as well.