Online University Exams

A video of the procedure may please be viewed in the link:
1) Please find the VEC Course/Subject Question Paper Creation Demo Video on link
2) Review/Audit uploaded Question Paper FLOW on WAC:
3) Guideline for Review/Assessment of answer-scripts on WAC_Online Theory Exams platform.
4) A PRACTICE SESSION of ONLINE THEORY EXAMs for students, before final online theory examinations.

Dear Students,
We are arranging a PRACTICE SESSION of ONLINE THEORY EXAMS for you. In this test hub, students can take unlimited number of demo tests in any of the subjects.
Please find your PRACTICE SESSION SCHEDULE at link:
You can appear in Practice Session on your scheduled Date only. please login to
Login only with google ---> click on Sign in with Google and ---> use your Parul University email ID only.
Every students need to Go through below mentioned 3 Steps on Online Exam Portal:

  • Fill the check list for device verification
  • Click on the Test button for process verification
  • Submit the Feedback if you have any issue in above mentioned 2 tasks along with description and screenshots as an attachment
  • Please Go to the Test Hub on the Left bottom of the Dashboard (Home page of Exam Portal) for practice sessions.
  • Assure you are in a silent place while appearing for the exams and there are no movements of anyone else passing from where you are writing the exam.
  • Exam pattern will be: 50% MCQ (Objective) type questions and 50% One line/Short Questions / Answers
  • Exam Duration will be: for MCQs 30min+15min Extra time, Oneline Answer type questions: 45min+30min Extra time.

Before you all appear in the exams, please visit the PDF attached in the links below:
12 Things to know before you start our exam: Click Here
Important Do's and Don'ts of the Exam: Click Here
Reference Tutorial Videos on how to give exams: