Parul University bags an Award of Industry Defined Project

Parul University jointly with Larsen & Toubro Ltd and University of Surrey bags an Award of Industry Defined Project with a Grant of Pound Sterling of 50,000 from Royal Academy of Engineering , UK under Newton – Bhabha Foundation with FICCI – NKFH . GROUP PHOTO OF  PGKM , Sir. Wiliam Wakhem and Shri. Rajen Pandya of  LNT Ltd As per the World Bank – World Development Indicators ,during year 2014 , in the world out of total energy 22433 TWH , 8726 TWH constituting 39% was generated using coal and in India , out of total energy of 1118 TWH , 800 TWH constituting 72% was generated using coal in UK , out of total energy of 311 TWH , 101 TWH constituting 32 % . As per report of United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA ) 90% of global power generation is water intense and by 2035 global energy consumption will increase by 50% and increasing water consumption by 85% . Today 15% of global water withdrawals are for energy production . As on today , 2.8 billion people live in areas of high water scarcity . (Source : IEA 2012 and UN 2012) . These huge amount of water withdrawal by power sector impact the ecosystem and on the water resources of the region. Withdrawal of water has been significantly reduced at the expense of 5-10% of plant-level efficiency by using Air cooled condenser. But , problem with air cooled condenser because of adverse wind condition which affect the fan work, which in turn decreases the overall efficiency of power plant. In addition to this performance of air cooled condenser is sensitive to operating conditions, such as ambient temperature, wind, rain, hail, or solar radiation and turbine back pressure. In this study a model of air cooled condenser will be developed to analyse the operating condition and design parameters. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) the ACC will be optimized in terms of the heat transfer rate per unit of pump work, shape of tube, tube diameter, fin spacing and fin height so that heat transfer coefficient gets increased and simultaneously pressure drop decreased . The estimated cost of the project is Pound Sterling 104,000 which is shared by 50,000 by grant from Royal Academy of Engineering , 22000 by Parul University , 17000 by L&T Ltd and 15000 by University of Surrey .( 1 Pound Sterling = INR 95 ) .The project duration is 2 years from 1st April 16 to 31st March 2018 .