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Highest Package 18 Lac

 300 + in TCS
 300+ in L & T
 50 + in Infosys
 50 + in Atos

Sachin Bordavekar, DGM - HR, L&T Power

We have been hiring students from your institute as well as giving them Summer Internships in our organization. The quality of the students from Parul University is outstanding and the one's we have employed from campus recruitment are truly an asset to our organization. We also find the course curriculum is well equipped to qualify them for our industry. We found a heterogeneous mix of students with varied backgrounds. Their approach, outlook and enthusiasm was something we admire. The students have perspective and were high in their ability to articulate their views and present it with confidence. I believe they will have a great future.

Prasanth. P, Head- HR, Obbo Bettermann

Campus atmosphere is supportive for the academic development. The presence of international students prove that, management of the university is still aiming high. The dedicated faculty members can be helpful for the comprehensive development of the students. The students are determined and dedicative in their attitude, willing to learn and highly ambitious to make use of the opportunity. They love the discovery part of learning. They can then take information that is being taught and apply it in ways that are meaningful to them. A love of learning is extremely valuable as a student and I believe willingness comes first. This quality is visible in the students of Parul University Campus.