Poster Presentation of RAE Project at I-A Symposium organized by Panjab University jointly with Royal Academy of Engineering , UK

Dr. P G K Murthy, Team Lead of Industry Defined Research Project “ To Reduce Water Consumption and Optimize Efficiency of Thermal Power Plants by Using Air Cooled Condensers” Parul University jointly with L&T and University of Surrey funded by Royal Academy of Engineering under Newton Bhabha Fund made Poster Presentation of the Project at the Industry- Academia Symposium on ‘Working in Systems not Silos: Driving Growth and Innovation through Industry Academia Partnerships’ organized by Panjab University, in association with Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE), U.K. and DIPP, GOI at Chandigarh on 16th and 17th April 2018:

During the year 2016-17 32 students of B.Tech and 3 students of M .Tech of Mechanical Engineering, 2 students of M .Tech of Civil Engineering took active part in the project. Many of these students were very well placed. To cite examples, Purav Savaliya in Atlas copco, Ankit desai in Blue Star, Oliya Azim in IIT Bombay. During the year 2017-18, 25 students of B.Tech and 1 student of M .Tech of Mechanical Engineering, 1 student of M .Tech of Civil Engineering are taking active part in the project. Students got advantage of mentoring by top notch professionals of L&T who have vast expertise in respective fields. Dr.Ravi S Silva, Director, Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey took active part in execution of the project. He visited Parul University in July 2016 and in July 2017. He provided useful guidance to Faculty Members of Parul University. Under the project, we have organized 17 workshops and about 1800 participants represented by 8 Universities , 30 colleges and 10 companies participated and got the advantage of knowledge shared by experts from L&T, University of Surrey and many other outstanding institutions like IITs, NITs, PDPU etc.