Teaching & Learning Process

Effective Teaching Learning Process lays strong foundation for achieving academic success. Parul University follows Learner Centered Teaching Approach to promote and develop the requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and life-long learning habit among its students. Our Learner Centered Teaching Approach consists of a set of principles, beliefs, or ideas about the nature of learning which is translated into the classroom. Our Interactive Teaching-Learning Process involves engaging students in activities that will enable them to acquire the knowledge, skills, as well as worthwhile attitudes and values. Our innovative and comprehensive curriculum enables our students acquire grasp over knowledge of fundamentals and requisite skills and expertise expected from the future professionals. Curriculum and course up gradation is a continuous process. Its purpose is basically to enhance the learning of students. Business realities are changing fast. Therefore, the various institutes of the university modify and upgrade their curricula and courses from time to time to provide the latest knowledge and skills to our students. As an added advantage, the learning at Parul University is not only restricted to the classroom but also through field visits, summer internship, independent study courses and constant interaction with industry personnel. At Parul University, Teaching & Learning is categorized into three broad areas of Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Development.
  • The learning outcomes for all our programmes
  • Effective Teaching Methods/ Content Delivery
  • The methods of Assessment
The Learning Outcomes
University level learning outcomes broadly describe expected and desired consequences of learning through integrated curricular and co-curricular experiences. They provide us with a basis for ongoing assessment to continuously improve teaching and learning.
Effective Teaching Methods/ Content Delivery
The main method of providing information for knowledge is through lectures and the associated hand-outs and supporting material. The lectures are supported by associated problem solving sessions which reinforce the lecture content. Feedback on progress is given through tutorials, study groups, coursework and class tests, and students are expected to use this feedback to enhance and develop their learning.
The majority of lecture modules are assessed by written exams and practical exams at the end of the academic year. Student project work is assessed by oral presentation of the ideas and main conclusions of the work, and written reports on the design, implementation and testing of the work.
Innovative Approach adopted by Parul University in Teaching Learning Process
Guest Lectures/ Expert Lectures by eminent persons from Industry & Academia Industrial/ Field Visits Use of Audio Visual Aids in Teaching Learning Process Seminars/ Workshops on Emerging / Innovative Avenues in various technical/ non-technical fields by Industry Experts Students/ Faculty Exchange Program in collaboration with various renowned international universities