About Gujarat

final Gujarat – The Land of the Legends, stands bordered by Pakistan and Rajasthan in the north east, Madhya Pradesh in the east, and Maharashtra and the Union territories of Diu, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli within its boundaries. The Arabian Sea borders the state both to the west and the south west. The British East India Company set its first footsteps in Surat in 1818 and the State came in control of their rule. Gujarat was divided into princely states. After the Indian Independence in 1947, all of Gujarat except Saurashtra and Kutchh were part of Bombay State until May 1, 1960, and then the Government split Bombay state into the States of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Ahmedabad became the prime city of the new State and encase the State Government Offices. They remained there until they were transferred to Gandhinagar in 1970.
Facts about Gujarat
  • Longest Seashore compared to any other Indian State
  • Highest number of operating Airports in India
  • Safest State in India
  • Least crime against Women
  • Largest IP based ICT Network
  • 100% of Gujarat’s 18000 villages have electricity connection