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Sr. No.Institute NameWebOPAC Display Name
1Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology - B.E. & M.E.Central Library Web OPAC
2Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology - M.B.A.
3Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology - M.C.A.
4Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology - Diploma Studies
5Parul Polytechnic Institute
6Parul Institute of Technology - B.E. & M.E.PIT Library Web OPAC
7Parul Institute of Architecture & ResearchPIAR Library Web OPAC
8Parul Institute of Fine Arts
9Parul Institute of Design
10Parul Institute of Planning
11Parul Institute of Management & ResearchPIMR Library Web OPAC
12Parul Institute of Management - P.G.D.M.
13Parul Institute of Management - M.B.A.
14Parul Institute of Business Administration BBA Library Web OPAC
15Parul Institute of Computer ApplicationBCA Library Web OPAC
16Parul Institute of PharmacyPIPH Library Web OPAC
17Parul Institute of Pharmacy & ResearchPIPH&R Library Web OPAC
18Parul Institute of AyurvedPIA Library Web OPAC
19Jawaharlal Nehru Homoeopathic Medical CollegeJNHMC/PIP Library Web OPAC
20Parul Institute of Physiotherapy
21Parul Institute of NursingPIN Library Web OPAC
22Parul Institute of Medical Sciences and ResearchPIMSR Library Web OPAC
23College of AgricultureAAABCL Library WebOPAC
24Parul Institute of Applied Science
25Parul Institute of Arts
26Parul Institute of Commerce
27Parul Institute of Law
28Parul Institute of Social Work
29Parul Institue of Ayureved and ResearchPIAYR Library Web OPAC
30Parul Institue of Homoeopathy and ResearchPIHR Library Web OPAC
31Parul Institue of Vocational Education PIV Library Web OPAC
32School of PharmacySOP Web OPAC