Social Responsive Cell – Overview

Any organization will have its mandatory functions clearly expressed and all the employees are expected to contribute to the goals of the organization through individual and combined efforts. People get so much involved in the course of their official obligations that many a time the obligations of the organization to the society in which it works are forgotten. Government has come up with mandates for organizations to disburse their obligations towards the society. However, simply enacting laws cannot ensure affirmative changes in the society. Sensitizing people by making them responsible toward the needs of the fellow human beings in one’s surrounding is the first step to achieve the objective of better tomorrow. Realizing the above aspect, the University established Social Responsive Cell (SRC) with its official launch on 6th September, 2016 to fulfill University’s obligation towards its own people like staff and students as well as the community surrounding the campus and nearby places. The nature of its formation and its activities has been well thought out by the leaders of the University. The goal of SRC is to respond to the needs of the society in its surroundings and implement sustainable drives. The persons contributing to the activities of the cell does so, on a purely voluntary basis without expecting any gainful returns.
Functions of SRC
  • A nodal agency to coordinate all the activities related to Social Responsibilities of Parul University
  • To collaborate with Industries and NGOs for various projects.
  • To generate funds for activities and projects undertaken by Social Responsive Cell
  • To encourage students and staff of Parul University to participate in activities of SRC
  • To document all the activities under Social Responsive Cell
Areas of Activities
  • Preventive Health & Hygiene
  • Preservation of Environment
  • Livelihood and Skill Development
  • Women and Child Development Activities
  • Rural Infrastructure Development

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