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University Brochures
General Brochure [Download]
Computer Science Brochure [Download]
B.Sc. (Animation & VFX) Brochure [Download]
B.Sc. (Film & TV Production) Brochure [Download]
M.Des. (Fashion & Merchadising) Brochure [Download]
Pharmaceutical and Agri Business Management Brochure [Download]
Medical & Paramedical Courses Brochure [Download]
Social Work Brochure [Download]
Pharmacy Brochure [Download]
Public Health & Health Administration Brochure [Download]
Management Studies Brochure [Download]
Law Brochure [Download]
IT & Computer Science Brochure [Download]
Department of Paramedical & Health Sciences Brochure [Download]
Design & Fine Arts Brochure [Download]
Engineering & Technology Brochure [Download]
Science & Agriculture Brochure [Download]
Architecture & Research Brochure [Download]
Arts Brochure [Download]
Dairy Technology Brochure [Download]
Petroleum Engineering Brochure [Download]
Hotel Management & Catering Technology Brochure [Download]
Clinical Research Certificate Program Brochure [Download]
Commerce Brochure [Download]
B.Sc. (Geology) Brochure [Download]
Visitng Parent Campus Program for Indian Students [Download]
Visitng Parent Campus Program for International Students [Download]

International Brochures
Fees Brochure for International Students [Download]
Fees Brochure for Nepali & Bhutani Students [Download]