About Product Design

The Certificate Programme in Product Design is a course which deals with the design, manufacturing, and use of products around us. A course in Product Design prepares students for a career in product designing and manufacturing industries. Students are taught in-depth skills on how to tackle complex problems, explore creative solutions, designing skills, and much more.

  • Duration:

    6 Months

  • Fees:

    Rs. 62,500/- for Indian National and $1000 for International Candidates

  • Eligibility:

    Students who have passed 10th/12th/Graduation can enroll in this course.

What You Will Learn?

  • Confidence in your own abilities to create a new product.
  • Awareness of the role of multiple functions in creating a new product (e.g. marketing, finance, industrial design, engineering, production).
  • Ability to coordinate multiple, interdisciplinary tasks in order to achieve a common objective.
  • Reinforcement of specific knowledge from other courses through practice and reflection in an action-oriented setting.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Students will learn about basics of sketching and drawing. Ability to transform idea from mind to paper.

  • Students will understand the concept of human and non - living interface to develop understanding of comfort and well working conditions.

  • Students will aware about design and development process of product based on various factors.