About Spiritual Leadership & Temple Management

PG Diploma in Spiritual Leadership & Temple Management is a and vivid course available to students regardless of their educational background or qualifications. Temple is more than a religious hub; it is a structured visual display of the truth. It is praised as a ‘Supreme inaccessible' access approach that promotes faith in knowledge and action.
In today's world, temples are increasingly likely to be conflict and commercial hotspots. Temples have become merely shelters for temporary consolation and minor advantages, or resorts for recreational festivals. This is mainly due to a lack of knowledge of principles and management processes in the priesthood community and the devotees alike.

Eventually, both the sacerdotal and governmental authorities place a greater emphasis on crowd attraction and extraction ventures than on maintaining holiness and providing genuine, long-term public benefit. A powerful and transformative inculcation pattern should be implemented to address these organizational ailments.

This course focuses on imparting the necessary skills for managing the devotees and the sacred places

  • Duration:

    1 Year (Two Semesters) including practical project work.

  • Fees:

    Rs.21,000/- for Indian nationals and $281 for international candidates.

  • Eligibility:

    Graduate of any discipline, Working Professionals, Aspirants from Foreign Countries with a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, any other professional

What You Will Learn?

  • To help participants get an overview of how to manage the basic building block of a temple
  • To help participants understand the job description of a temple president/ center manager and other officers
  • To help the candidates start their freelance work related to the temple management
  • To develop knowledge and provide training about various ritual practices in the Vedic religion sector for future employment

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • The candidate will have the opportunity to perform the role as a Priest in Temple, As a cook and Catering In-Charge, Temple administrator, Finance & Account Officer, Temple Public Relation officer, etc

  • The opportunity to study the theories of both disciplines against a background of historical and contemporary contexts

  • It will enhance the ability of the candidate to work with various spiritual & Vedic activities