About BA Sociology

Parul University’s Faculty of Arts offers a three-year bachelors degree program in sociology, which endeavours to impart within the students the relevant knowledge and understanding regarding sociology. Sociology is the study of the society and its various elements which shape and make up the elements of it along with the understanding of the various social institutions which shape the manner in which the society operates. The program is uniquely  designed to develop the various dynamics of the societies, while at the same time equipping students with the effective abilities to understand and analyse these dynamics. The Faculty of Arts centres on developing and nurturing the students in the mannerisms and ethics required for the sociology centred profession. It goes on to expose students to various social elements along with an in-depth understanding of the social issues and the ways of prescribing solutions to resolving these issues. As a way of promoting and developing the practical skills of the students, the faculty engages students to field works and community exercises which imparts students with practical insights. The Faculty of Arts also seeks to develop within the students an understanding of the various global dynamics by giving students an exposure to globalisation and diverse cultures. Beyond the scope of the curriculum, the program goes on to shape the interpersonal and communication skills of the students in preparation of their career.


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BA SociologyProgram Outcomes

Why Study BA Sociology

Sociology is the study of the various social institutions and the dynamics which control and shape the scope of the societies and all the elements which shape the cultures and the livelihood of the people. With immense changes in societies today, sociology provides a pool of opportunities for students to explore upon the completion of the program. It equips individuals with the ability to interpret and understand the various social dynamics and to find ways of navigating through them.


An ability to understand various social dynamics and deliver relevant solutions essential for public benefit.

Guidance Counsellor

An ability to work and adapt to various social dynamics and geographic landscapes while dealing with people from various cultural and national backgrounds.

Guidance Counsellor
Human Resources (HR) Representative

Human Resources (HR) Representative

An ability to develop effective interview skills, logical and analytical precepts in the context of various subjects and topics.

NGO Specialist

An ability to develop counselling skills, interpersonal abilities and communication skills which are required for the smooth navigation of the industry.

NGO Specialist
Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst

An ability to acquire mannerism and ethics which are essential for the field and the effective conduct of the regulations.

Duration: 3 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate shall have passed HSC examination in Science or Arts or Commerce stream conducted by Gujarat Board or any other recognized Examination Board


Mode of Admission

For admissions please visit our portal to register/login yourself and proceed ahead with your admission application.

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BA Sociology feesFees


BA Sociology

₹ 40,000/- Annually*

* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

BA Sociology CurriculumCurriculum

Sociology: An Introduction

Indian Economy

Introduction to Economic Theory Language & Communication

Structure of Languages

Orientation to Media Studies

Introduction to Mass Media


Understanding Personality

Indian Social System - I

Introduction to Literary Forms-I

Introduction to Literary Forms-II


Introduction to Public Administration



Indian Economic Issues

Study of Sounds

Etymology of Languages

Writing & Analyzing News Items

Content Writing for Print Media

Applied Psychology

Labor Legislations

Research methods statistics

Basic Psychological Tests

English Theatre

Sociological Theories-I

Communication & Education Technology





English for Negotiating


Industrial Economics


Language and Mind

Language and Power

Creative Writing for Print Media

Creative Writing for Electronic Media

Peace and Conflict Study

Language & Communication (Applied psychology)

Educational Psychology

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Sociological Theories-II





English for Human Resources

English for Customer Care



BA Sociology Curriculum Practical Resources


Language Laboratory

The faculty of arts focuses in the overall development and one of the major skills required in this field is the ability of students to adapt to various social dynamics of the students


Computer Lab

The computer lab provides students hands on experience in various software with high speed internet access. Students get aware of the basics of computer which

BA Sociology CurriculumActivities

Visit to Radio City Station

The students of Mass Communication department, Faculty of Arts, Parul University visited Radio City station, Old Padra Road, Vadodara on 27th February 2018 to get an exposure to the basics of radio broadcast and operations of a private FM with Assistant Professor Akansha Kumar and Dr. Pallavi Dubey from the Mass Communication and Sociology department respectively. We are thankful to Atik Khan, the programming director of Radio City for hosting the students and explaining them the important aspects of a radio station and RJ Jahnvi, popular Radio Jockey of Radio City who gave some important tips to students.

Workshop on “Visual Communication”

A workshop on Visual Communication for students of Mass Communication department, Faculty of Arts was conducted by Rajeet Shah and Karan Bhatt of Dreamvoxmedia on 21 st February 2018. The workshop was divided into two parts: (a) Technical: It offered students with basics of a digital single lens reflex camera and the different kinds of angle and frame size to use for a scene or picture enhancement; (b) Creative: It dealt with writing of a concept, script, climax and screenplay.

National Youth Day Celebration

On the occasion of 156th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, Faculty of Commerce jointly with Faculty of Arts organised 'National Youth Day Celebration' on 12th January, 2019. Mr. Animesh Bhatt, a renowned TEDx Speaker graced the event as the Chief Guest.The inaugural event was attended by around 350 people comprising of participants, students, faculty members, judges etc.As a part of the celebration, competitions like Elocution, Quiz (on the theme of Swami Vivekananda) and Debate were organised for the students.The theme of the event 'Arise, Awake and don't stop until the goal is reached' was indeed justified by the young participants and made it a successful event.

Expert Session by Mr. Parvez Shaikh, CEO, Purple Crayon Advertising

An expert Session was organized under the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, the session focused on how to be an entrepreneur and having your own advertising agency. It was a very interactive, fun and informative session by Mr. Parvez Shaikh, the CEO of Purple Crayon Advertising. The students were absorbed in his presentation about his passion of being an entrepreneur. The session focused on what it takes to be an entrepreneur, difference between entrepreneurship and start-ups, necessities and challenges faced, what success would mean and making a mark in the advertising industry.

Expert Lecture on Importance of foreign language- French and Enriching Student’s Vocabulary

On the 27th March 2017, an expert talk was held for French Language for Arts, B.Com, and M.Com students. The expert talk was very well organized by Faculty of Arts. Ms. Parul Talegaonkar gave a wonderful and very motivating session for an hour. Ms. Parul began with introduction that took a few minutes. She mentioned what we will be learning throughout the lecture and undoubtly was able to keep her word.