Industrial Visits

As a part of academic curriculum, various industrial visits are organized to promote industrial exposure to students. Industries like Indo-German Tool Room and Pratap Industries help in increasing the engineering practicability among students. The industrial environment promotes the proper need of academic knowledge as well as its practical application. The visit to Science City and Nodule Cast enhances the engineering curiosity in the students and also promotes the ideology among them.

Zenfin Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, PIET, DS-1st Shift, organized a one day Industrial visit on 12th January 2019 “ZENFIN ENGINEERING” for Diploma Mechanical Engineering 4th semester students. Zenfin Engineering manufactures parts of Mechanical Packers ,Hydraulic packers, Service tools ,flow control parts and accessories ,Flanges, Liner hangers parts, Bridge Plug parts ,plugs, Test caps ,DSA all kind of flanges ,Tubing hangers, Casing hanger, adopter and many more oil-gas parts as per customer’s specifications and requirements.

Ishan Equipments Pvt Ltd

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, PIET, DS-1st Shift, organized a two days Industrial visit on 25th January, 2019 and 12th January 2019 “ISHAN EQUIPMENTS PVT LTD” for Diploma Mechanical Engineering 6th semester students. The engineering & fabrication unit Ishan Equipments Pvt. Ltd. which undertakes turnkey assignment covering Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Deaertor, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Steam Surface Condenser, FW Heater, Storage Storage Tanks.

Piramal Glass, Jambusar

50 Students of the department visited to Piramal Glass Jambusar,.the visit was successfully conducted under the guidance of experts, students gained valuable information and exposure regarding glass industries.

Sumul Dairy – Surat

An industrial visit was arranged for 3rd and 5th semester students visited one of the well known dairy of Gujarat SUMUL located at Surat. There students learn about milk packaging and dispatching procedure which was fully automatic. Student also learns about dairy’s private refrigeration system and boiler.