About Institute


Orientation Booklet-2018-19

Under the Parul Arogya Seva Mandal, Parul Group of Institutes was conferred the status of Parul University established and incorporated under Gujarat Private Universities (Second Amendment) Act (Act no. 7 of 2015) in the year 2015. Since the conferment of the status of a Private University, Parul Institute of Applied Sciences was established under Parul University. The Institute located at the heart of a multi-institutional complex in the city of Vadodara, is dedicated to impart quality education in the field of Applied Sciences.

Science as a field of study developed due to the curiosity of understanding life and its living forms. To every community and society, the pursuit of scientific enquiry has remained as the root cause of growth, development and progress. The primary objective of any scientific enquiry is to apply the findings to solve an existing problem. This has contributed to the benefit of greater mankind. From the discovery of microbial life forms to the production of antibiotics, the potential of the application of science in the betterment of mankind has surpassed the expectations of every generation. Indeed, the profession of applied sciences operates on revered code of ethics and morals for the greater good of the society. In today’s era, technological advancements and interdisciplinary approaches have uplifted the output of scientific research. Hence, it is the best time of the century to join a global network of unprecedented brain force and satisfy the curiosity of the brain by one’s own self.

Parul Institute of Applied Sciences under the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Parul University aims at training and transforming individuals by providing them a platform for gaining knowledge through practice, assisting in the empowerment and upliftment of the society. Such individuals will form the core of any organization for creating a better society. This transformation is achieved by need driven and dynamic curriculum, research, social intervention and networking and liasioning with government and non-government organizations.


The primary objective of the Parul Institute of Applied Sciences is to prepare the students:

  • To gain an understanding about the concept, past endeavors, historical pursuits and philosophy behind scientific enquiry and research to develop a knowledge base about Applied Sciences, its profession, practice and application.
  • To gain an understanding of the concept and different branches of applied sciences with special focus on practice and research.
  • To prepare the students to pursue individual and collaborative initiatives in order to identify and understand existing scientific problems and their role to solve them in a professional way through research and innovation.