Workshop on Gasoline Electrical Formula Race Car Design & Development By Elite Techno

Parul University & Elite Techno Groups Jointly organised “8 Day Internship on Gasoline/ Electric Formula Race Car Design & Development” (8 Days Workshop) From 2nd February 2019 to 9th February 2019. In this workshop total 108 students participate in it. 84 students from Parul University and 25 students from other universities total 108 students participate in it. Day wise topics, Day 1 (2nd February 2019): Static & Dynamic Engineering of Chassis, Engines + Designing, Day 2 (3rd February 2019): Dynamic Calculations of Transmission & Braking + Designing, Day 3 (4th February 2019): Vehicle Dynamics, Designing & Simulations, Day 4(5th February 2019): Electric Vehicles & it’s applications + Hands On, Day 5 to 7 (6th February 2019 to 8th February 2019): Fabrication of Formula 5 Race Car (Complete Hands-On), Day 8 (9th February 2019): Formula Race Car Testing & Tuning. Total four cars are made like MaveRicks, AutoAlpha, AutoGenius And Agneya (Electric). Students and faculty members take test drive at parul campus.