Expert Lectures

Department of Automobile Engineering is frequently organizing Expert talk in relevance to subjects and its application in industries to extend the boundaries of subject knowledge beyond curriculum. Experts are invited for the same from renowned academic or research organizations and industries. Various perspective of the subject may get opened up from fundamentals to latest research.

Expert Lecture on Emission formation

Automobile Department of PIT organized an Expert Talk on 04th January 2019 on Emission formation in SI and CI engine. The chief speaker on the day was Flt Lt. Rajkumar Baghel, a retired Indian Air Force veteran.
The session was conducted on the topic of “Emission formation in SI and CI Engine” which comes under the subject Combustion and Emission Technology for 6th semester students of Automobile Engineering.

Expert Lecture on “Operation and Maintenance of Boilers”

An expert lecture on “Operation and Maintenance of Boilers” was conducted by Mr. Bhavesh Prajapati for the students of 3rd sem Automobile Engineering. The discussion was initiated from the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. Through this expert session, students captured the in-depth clarity of applications of Engineering Thermodynamics subject in industry especially in Thermal Power Stations. Precautions and procedure to carry out maintenance of boiler was sequentially discussed during the session. Session was ended up with the Multiple Choice type Questions and questions-answers.

Expert session on “Compressed Natural Gas-An Ultimate Alternative Fuel”

Expert session on “Compressed Natural Gas-An Ultimate Alternative Fuel” was conducted by Mr. Viplav Shah. Mr. Shah had touched the topic from the root of getting CNG and extended up to make the required changes in hardware for using CNG in a vehicle. Students got the awareness about benefits and limitations of using CNG as fuel and its effects on various performance parameters. At the end of the session during question-answer session active participation of students was observed.