Laboratory practice is essential to get deep understanding of theoretical concepts with clarity. Department of Automobile Engineering is well equipped with laboratories like
• Automobile Engine
• Automobile Systems
• Automobile Electrical System
• Vehicle Maintenance and Garage Practice
• Material Science and Metallurgy
• Mechanical Measurement and Metrology
• Fluid Mechanics
• Dynamics of Machines
• Heat Transfer
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Our Automobile Engine lab is well equipped with the 3 Cylinder Petrol Engine and 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine with an Eddy Current Dynamometer to perform practicals of Heat balance Sheet, Morse Test and Performance test on it. Through this testing facility, students are gaining enormous knowledge regarding performance of engine and functions of each of its component. Also they are able to know difference in the performance of both petrol and diesel engine.
Our Vehicle Maintenance and Garage Practice lab is currently equipped with
• 3D Wheel Alignment and Balancing Machine
• Tyre changer and
• Fuel Injector cleaner.
The above mentioned equipments are also used for commercial services. By hands on practice, students are going to learn how to use different testing equipments which they have studied theoretically.
Other integrated facilities included in Automobile Systems and Automobile Electrical System labs are
• Working model of motorized 4 cylinder 4 stroke S.I. Engine
• Sliding mesh and Synchromesh Gear Box
• Various types of Clutches
• Electrical Wiring System of a vehicle
• Cut section models of Single Cylinder 2 Stroke Petrol Engine for plotting port timing diagram
• Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol and Diesel Engines for plotting valve timing diagram
• Various types Brake System
• Differential Rear Axle
• Various types Suspension System
• Steering Gears
• Power Steering
• Torque Converter and Automatic transmission to practice real time which is offering the clarity of understanding about function of various systems of automobile.
Other equipments we have include
• Multicylinder Engines with Dynamometers
• Ultrasonic Testing facility, Profile Projector
• Tool makers Microscope
• Surface Roughness Tester
• Universal Vibration Apparatus
• Cascade Refrigeration System
• CNC Milling Trainer,
• 3D-Printer