Faculty Development Programs

FDPs are especially important in adapting faculty members to their changing roles in initiating and setting the directions for curricular changes. These programs can help to constitute a positive institutional climate and can range from basic orientation programs for new faculty members. Overall, the aim of all these training programs is to support engineering educators in adapting to changing missions of teaching and to enhance the efficiency and performance of their teaching skills while improving work satisfaction and teaching confidence by developing good teachers. FDP focuses on enhancing functional area expertise, improving one’s classroom delivery both as a teacher and trainer, enhancing abilities for conducting meaningful research.

One day Faculty development program on Magical Power of Linux

The CSE department has organized one day faculty development program on magical power of Linux. Our faculties have learnt and discussed Scope & Evolution of Linux (How it started and How much big it has been), Major Key Players of Linux, Linux as a Firewall, Router, Gateway Antivirus, Ethical Hacking tool, IDS-IPS(Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems), Linux as a primary choice for servers like web server, mail sever ,ftp server, vpn server ,proxy servers, content filters etc. All the faculties have practiced on Linux and at last appreciated this faculty development program.