At Department of E&C, Parul University, we arrange workshops for students as well as for faculty members that offer hands-on learning within a structure and time frame that intensifies the learning process. Workshops are very useful and an efficient way to enhance the skills. The practical nature of a workshop also means that learning is quite measured and explicit, which gives participants confidence in themselves.

Workshop on AVR Microcontroller

Department of E&C. organized a workshop on “AVR Microcontroller” for the students of 5th semester. Mr. NileshJambucha and Mr. Meet Pandya from Potent Engineering, Vadodara, has conducted hands on session during the workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to empower the students of third year so that they become well prepared for the placement activities. The topics like Architecture of ATmega32 controller, AVR Studio, and Peripheral Interfacing was covered.