At BCA department we focus on student development and for that we organize seminars on regular basis. Taking part in these seminars encourages students to learn emerging technologies of industry. We invite renowned personalities for seminars. Seminars are organized for various subjects covering all the important fields for a student.

Seminar on Emerging Technology

A Seminar on Emerging Technology was organized by BCA Department,Faculty of IT and CS.The motive behind this seminar was to provide knowledge platform to the students about the latest Emerging technologies in the field of IT.

Seminar on Networking and Cyber Forensic

Seminar for the students of second year and third year BCA (4th and 6th Semester) was arranged on the Latest Technologies under Networking and Cyber Forensics on 10th January 2019, Thursday. The main motive behind this expert talk was to make students understand the get advance knowledge about the networking and cyber forensic that’s used in industry were taken up by Mr. Kanaiya Agrawal. He has worked in the fields of Cyber Forensic in many firms. He has a strong proponent of the advancement of network security, as well as he passed and secured four certification course in network security from CISCO. Aside from his talents and advocacies, Mr. Kanaiya Agrawal conducted 100+ seminars on career guidance of network in various colleges and universities. He trained 500+ students in N+ and Ethical Hacking.