Expert Lectures

Expert speakers are specially invited to deliver a speech in the topic of their mastery.Expert speakers can form a valuable real – world adjunct to class room education. Experts from industry have become an important part of education and supplement the academic goals with exposure to the real world experience of successful practitioners. Inclusion of Expert speakers as one of the educational tools of varied educational experience can enrich the overall experience of the students. The benefits of such Expert speakers include enhanced student learning as well improved relation between academics & industry as the students are presented with the opportunity to clear their doubts which require real-life examples and practical understanding of the situations.

At Parul University, we believe in providing the students with best of possible resources. As such we invite different Experts in filed of law to guide the students. Creating and improving this academia / industry through Expert Lectures can lead to the networking opportunities for both professors and students alike, as well the opportunity for industry to potentially meet students that fulfil employment needs.

Expert Lecture on Significance of Human Rights

Parul Institute of Law in collaboration with CHIR organized Lecture on The Significance of Human Rights & The Performance of Duties by Hon’ble Justice Ravi Tripathi, Retd. Judge, High Court of Gujarat.

Expert Lecture on Trials-Fundamental Rights under the Indian Constitution

On 2nd August, 2018 Adv. Parth Pathak, Practicing Advocate in Gujarat High Court was invited to take expert lecture on Trials – Fundamental Rights under the Indian Constitution.

Expert Lecture on Constitutional Law

On 15th March, 2017, Prof. (Dr.) H. C. Dholakia, Founder Dean of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, was invited to take an Expert Session on Constitutional Law. With his extensive experience in field of Academics, Prof. Dholakia discussed on unitary and federal government. He also elaborated on distribution of powers between union and state government.

Expert Lecture by Dr. H.S. Vijayakumar, Registrar, Parul University

On 16th November, 2016, the students at Parul Institue of Law had an honour to attend a session conducted by Dr. H.S. Vijayakumar, Registrar, Parul University on the subject of Law of Torts. Dr. H.S. Vijayakumar had taken an informative session on Nuisance, the difference between public and private nuisance, etc illustrated by simple examples of daily life. He had also emphasised on the issues of nuisance and explained in detail with appropriate case laws as well.

Expert Lecture by Advocate Ishan Bhatt

On 15th October 2016, Advocate Ishan Bhatt who had been an active Mooter during his college days and now Associate of “The SatyaVidhi and Company” was invited to take a session on Mooting Skills. It was an introductory lecture where Advocate Bhatt elaborately pointed out the essentials skills required for Mooters and researchers, do’s and don’ts while arguing the case, etc. He explained the difference between Moot and Mock trial. Using role play he demonstrated the court mannerisms. The session concluded with Question & Answer round.