Consular Visits

Visit of Mr. Ryan Pereira,Ph.D.,Regional Officer,United States-India Educational Foundation,Fulbright Commission

A brief session on “Fulbright Fellowship Opportunities to the U.S.” for the doctoral students, researchers and faculty members at the Parul University was conducted by Mr. Ryan Pereira,Ph.D.- Regional Officer-United States-India Educational Foundation, Fulbright Commission in India. He briefed the faculty members about the benefits of this Scholarship and provided the best guidance to our faculty members.

Launch & Inaugural Ceremony of 5 year (3.5+1.5) Integrated Program with ESIGELEC, France

PU feels proud privilege to launch the 5 year integrated B.Tech & MS program between Parul University, India & ESIGELEC, France where students will complete Undergraduate degree in 3.5 years at PU and Post Graduate in 1.5 years at ESIGELEC, France. The inaugural program became more graceful in presence of Honorable Guest, Consul General of France in Mumbai, Ms. Sonia Barbry and Guests of Honor, Mr. Sujit Nair – Campus France, Ahmedabad, Mr. Paresh Pujani – Campus France, Ahmedabad, and Ms. Vidya Suresh – ESIGELEC, India office. The launch event was graced by Dr. Devanshu Patel, President, Parul University, Dr. M.N. Patel, Provost, Parul University, Dr. H.S Vijaykumar, Registrar, Parul University, Dr. Unnati Joshi, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Bhavesh Mewada, Principal, Parul Institute of Technology, Dr. Vilin Parekh, Principal, Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology and respective Heads from different departments namely IT, CSE, CE, EC. Students who are going to France in the coming intake of Feb-2019 were also present in the event. This event was also witnessed by parents of beneficiary students.

Canadian Trade Commission Visit

On 8th August 2018, Ms. Jeena George, Trade Commission Assistant, Trade Office of Canada & Mr. Gagan Aggarwal Representative Carleton University, Canada visited Parul University to discuss various areas in which cooperative collaboration can be done successfully. It was a very informative meeting and will help a lot for both to Parul University, Vadodara and to Universities and colleges in Canada. A further continuing program, Mr. Gagan informed about exchange programs that are run by Carleton University on the field of Aviation, General Automobile, Food Technology, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics, Cyber Security. Finally, it was decided that Members of Carleton University will share detailed information of these exchange programs in form of brochure and PDFs. Post the Parul University will go through it and will decide on future steps.

Ambassador of the Republic of Gambia visit to Parul University

Ambassador of the Republic of Gambia to India, paid a visit to us. We discussed about providing education to their citizens, providing consultancy to the Gambian Government in the areas of Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy and Agriculture to uplift the economy of the country.

Poland Delegation Visit to Parul University

6 delegates from Wroclaw University of Science & Technology, Poland by name Dr Andrzej Moczko, Director of Office of international Affairs; Dr.Anna Jakubiak-Marcinkowska, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty Coordinator of Erasmus+ Programme; Dr Marta Laska, Faculty of Environmental Engineering and International Academic Exchange Coordinator; Dr Pawel Knapkiewicz, Faculty of Microsystems Electronics and Photonics and Faculty Coordinator of 3E+ Summer School; Karolina Farbiszewska, Head of International Events Division, Office of Internatioonal Affairs; and Dr.Robert Lis, Faculty of Power Electronics visited Parul University on February 16-17, 2018 to promote Tech Summer-2018 to be organized by Wroclaw University of Science & Technology during July-August, 2018. They also attended the International Conference organized by Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology. They also extended a warm invitation to the students and faculties of Parul University to participate in the Tech Summer-2018 under Student Exchange/ Faculty Exchange Programmes. Their visit to the university also provided an opportunity to the University to discuss avenues for undertaking research jointly between the two universities.

Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana visit to Parul University

900+ New Foreign National Students from 48 different nationalities kick start their academics at Parul University with a formal orientation program. The program was chaired by the Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana.

Ambassador of Gambian & Malawi Visit to Parul University Campus

H.E. Mr. Dembo Badjie (The Ambassador, Gambian Embassy in India) and Mr. Alfred Vilili (Counsellor, High Commission of Embassy of Malawi in India) visited Parul University during the 6th Convocation Ceremony of Parul Institute of Management – PGDM Program.

Ambassador of Poland To India His Excellency Tomasz Lukaszuk’s Visit to Parul University Campus

Tomasz Lukaszuk visited Parul University(PU) for inauguration of the International Indian Summer School where 44 students from Poland and Germany came to study under PU’s exchange programmes with their respective partner Universities in Poland and Germany.
The ambassador recollected the historical ties between Poland and Gujarat “During World War II, Jam Saheb, the ruler of erstwhile Nawanagar-Jamnagar state, had given asylum to Polish refugees that included widows and children. We have always remained grateful to people of Gujarat for that gesture,” said H.E. Tomasz Lukaszuk.

Visit of Mr. Michael Siebert, Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mumbai to Parul University Campus

Mr. Michael Siebert visited Parul University and addressed students and staff of Parul University, he emphasized that fresh Indian graduates are welcome in his country calling it a “win-win” situation for the both countries.

“It will be a win-win situation for both countries if fresh graduates (from India) visit Germany and work in industries there; as they would get good exposure which they can bring back to India after a few years and Germany would get manpower for their industries.”

Ambassador of Luxembourg His Excellency Gaston Stronck’s Visit to Parul University Campus

Gaston Stronck stressed on better trade relations between India and Luxembourg.

Stronck during visited to Parul University, he shared his views pertaining to the Global Country Study Report prepared on Luxembourg by students of Faculty of Management, Parul University.

Stronck also talked about business opportunities between Gujarat and Luxembourg during this visit. Ashok Kadakia, Consul of Luxembourg at Mumbai, discussed about possible student exchange programmes during the visit.

Ambassador of Slovenia Her Excellency Darja Bavdaz Kuret and Boris Jelovsek, Minister Plenipotentiary at The Embassy in India Visit to Parul University Campus

Darja Bavdaz Kuret with Boris Jelovsek, Minister Plenipotentiary at the embassy were at Parul University’s PGDM programme’s fifth convocation ceremony during which 76 students were awarded their Post-graduate Diploma in Management degree certificates.

High Commissioner of Embassy of Republic of Rwanda in India His Excellency Ernest Rwamucyo’s Visit to Parul University Campus

The High Commissioner of Republic of Rwanda was at Parul University Campus to take part in ‘Kwibuka20’ – an event to remember the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi ethnic group in Rwanda. Over 200 Central African students studying at Parul University and nearby cities took part in a ‘Walk to Remember’ – a march on the campus. During the commemoration ceremony, all the students lit candles and sang songs in remembrance of those who had died and those who survived the horrendous genocide. The High Commissioner stressed “We ask the world to come together to support the survivors of the genocide and to ensure that such an atrocity never happens again in Rwanda or elsewhere.
He also spoke to enhance bilateral trade, commerce, health and education between India and Rwanda.