National & International Universities to work together to raise standards of Teaching staff in Indian Institutions offering Higher Education

3 Year Project CABCIN Initiated: “Establishment of Capacity Building Centres as a Sustainable Solution to Raise the Standards of Teaching Staff in Indian Heis"
As per the Planning Commission of India's 12th Five Year Plan (Page 62), Special Focus is laid on the Improving the Teaching Standards in India. “Development of supervisors and foremen, through suitable programmes, collaboratively designed and managed by industry and educational and training institutions must be ensured along with the emphasis on development of skilled workmen and good managers” quotes the 12th Five Year Plan.
The Erasmus+ Program (EU programme to support education, training for students, individuals and organisations) for The Action Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education of European Union invited applications for the same from Universities from Programme and eligible Partner Countries.
Capacity Building projects in the field of higher education are transnational cooperation projects based on multilateral partnerships. In 2016, 736 Applications from Programme and eligible Partner Countries were submitted out of which 147 Applications were approved; CABCIN is one of those. The Project is lead by Dr. Kamila Ludwikowska, Wroclaw University of Science & Technology, Poland. 5 Indian Universities and 5 European Universities would be working together for the Project; Wroclaw University of Science & Technology, Poland, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, Gent University, Belgium, Frederick University, Cyprus, Parul University, Vadodara, Amity University, Haryana, RK University, Rajkot, SAL Institute of Technology & Engineering Research, Ahmedabad & North Maharashtra University.
The Project aims to encourage cooperation between the EU and India (Partner Country) and support eligible partner countries in addressing challenges in the management and governance of their higher education institutions. This includes improving the quality of higher education, developing new and innovative education programmes, modernising higher education systems through reform practices as well as fostering cooperation across different regions of the world through joint initiatives.
Under one of the Erasmus+ Action, "International Credit Mobility, a student from here may get an opportunity to study abroad at a partner HEI or even a traineeship (Work Placement) abroad in an enterprise or any other relevant workplace in one of the consortium countries whereas Staff from here may also get a training period abroad and a staff from EU Partners may conduct a teaching period here, said Dr Devanshu Patel, President of one of the Partnering Indian Universities.