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Act now, prevent strokes, and save lives ! Parul Sevashram hospital celebrated World Stroke Day by organizing modern assistive device workshop for Stroke Patients and an educative workshop for Physiotherapists in Vadodara

The hospital recently got awarded for Best Rehab Innovation in recent Stroke Conclave by Voice Of Healthcare Awards at Gandhinagar. Stroke is the leading cause of disability worldwide & up to 90% of strokes are preventable and by addressing the risk factors responsible for most strokes. World Stroke Day takes place on 29th October every year. A stroke also called a brain attack means the blood supply to the brain will be stopped suddenly due to blockage in the blood vessels. 

Parul Sevashram Hospital organized campaigns to create awareness about Stroke Signs, Symptoms, and emergency procedures to be done once knowing stroke signs patient. Parul Sevashram Hospital celebrated World Stroke Day with a two-day event that demonstrated their commitment to stroke awareness and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapists displayed the use of modern assistive devices, explaining how stroke survivors can regain independence in their daily routines like combing hair, eating, drinking water etc without support of family members while the other campaign aimed to educate Physiotherapists of Vadodara .The primary goal of this initiative was to raise awareness about stroke prevention, management, and rehabilitation. There is a role for everyone when it comes to tackling stroke and that taking action is what will make the difference; mentions Dr. Komal Patel; Medical Director at Parul Sevashram Hospital

At Parul Sevashram Hospital, we have a dedicated Neuro Rehabilitation Center, where we provide holistic services for stroke patients by combined care approach by experienced Neurophysicians, Neuro Physiotherapy, Panchkarma, acupuncture. We are committed to improve stroke awareness and patient care, offering specialized rehabilitation services for stroke survivors mentions Dr Ankit Shah & Dr. Mohit Shah; Neurophysicians at Parul Sevashram Hospital