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Dia Mirza inaugurates PU’s new world-class center for Design, Fine Arts and Performing Arts

A place where imagination meets innovation is the most befitting title which has been given to this grand structure which has emerged at the epicenter of Vadodara based PU’s campus. This six storied building is the University’s newly established space for artistic and creative expression which has become a home for its aspiring designers and creative artists. Endowed by paintings, murals and sculptures, of the most iconic artists, such as Picasso and Micheangelo and Salvadore Dali, this building has become the meeting place of ancient and contemporary artistry. This New School of Design was inaugurated by Ms Dia Mirza, who expressed the vital role of art and creativity in shaping cultures, and transforming societies and the need to shape and develop the artists of the future. 

The fundamental philosophy behind this newly developed grand structure is that creativity best flows in spaces which are inspired by nature, and this is what explains the raw, brick wall design and the infinite plants which surround the building. This center for Design, Fine Arts and Performing Arts is PU’s recent addition to its design infrastructure, which has been developed in such a way that creates the ideal atmosphere for innovation and creativity. 

The building’s open spaced indoor and outdoor structure creates a blend which provides each student with a continuous flow of concepts, which are limitless and unrestricted. As a way to cater to the various creative needs of the students, the building has been strategically divided into various learning spaces. The spaces include abstracts, hues, graffiti and murals, which allow the students to cultivate their creativity and develop a ray of color in the initial levels of their journey. 

Parul Institute of Design and Fine Arts firmly believes that the best way to nurture the finest creative or design aspirants is by providing them with the best practical exposure. To make this possible, the building features some of the leading design and laboratories and creative spaces which include, “Brunnai” , a looms equipped space for weaving along with “Chhaap” a space for sustainable garment printing and Sanchana a sewing space, fully equipped with over 40 singer sewing machines. As a way of developing fine arts expertise of the students the building is also equipped with clay, wood and metal workshops. Dia Mirza, while inaugurating this newly developed structure, commended the institute’s inclination towards the environment and promoting sustainability in the students’ community. 

The institute also believes in the use of technology, for providing its design students with the much needed exposure to design innovation through studio spaces such as sound recording and audio editing studio, music studio, film streaming rooms, animation and VFX studios and hi-tech film studios. In addition to this, the building features state of the art resources which include a temperature controlled machine lab, with 3D printers and CNC machines which allows the students to explore their creativity. To provide the best exposure to the trends in the digital and electronic media industry, the institute’s film studio has been developed maintaining industry standards, with lighting fixtures, green screens, cameras, sound equipment amongst other systems. 

The concept behind making this brick structure was to develop a center of creative innovation where students would be surrounded by artistic expression in every direction. Sculptures such as the thinking man, reflecting the thought provoking nature of the learning journey along with the mermaid and the metallic timeship sculptures which represent the creators’ abilities to transcend through and beyond time. The University has focused its efforts in providing a comprehensive and inclusive environment of learning for all its creative fields including performing arts. Aspiring performing artists get the opportunity to enhance their artistry through its music rooms, dance studios, sound recording studios, instrument spaces, and theaters. 

“Explore, Experience, Experiment are the fundamental pillars which guard the teaching and learning processes as we seek to guide the students on their creative journey. Not only have we created a place of learning, but we have cultivated an atmosphere where the creative dreams and aspirations of students come to life”, said Mr Prabhas, the University’s Director of Design and Fine Arts.