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About Work Integrated Programs

To ensure the progression of your academics while pursuing your profession, our work integrated programs have been strategically designed to suit both the career and academic needs of students. WIPs provide you with a wide pool of learning options which suits your academic needs and your career competences. The programs guarantee students of a comprehensive learning experience which results in their overall growth and development in the various fields of engineering, sciences, law, pharmacy and business amongst others. The courses are delivered by a group of expert faculties who are trained in both the aspects of the industry and the academia, thus guaranteeing students, the most enriching learning experience. The focus behind these programs is to ensure flexible and adaptable teaching practices, while ensuring the highest standards of quality education.


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Benefits of Work Integrated Programs

Education While You Work
This program is designed to give you the opportunity to pursue your studies while you are working.

Enhance your professional competences
Widen your professional competencies and practical skillsets, which will allow you to further progress and advance in your career.

Flexible and Adjustable learning practices
The program timeline is made in a way that meets the personalised needs of every student, giving you a relatable learning experience.

Modern Technology and Innovation
The curriculum is designed in such a way that focuses on research to discover the current trends in technology and innovation.

Professional Edge


Syllabus based on Industrial Relevance


Expert Academic Instructors


Practical Learning and Skill Development


Career and professional progression


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