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7th Annual Convocation Marks the Commencement of Careers for 9,980 Graduates with Boman Irani & Vaani Kapoor as Guests

Parul University concludes its 7th Annual Convocation Ceremony, heralding the beginning of professional journeys for 9,980 students. Mr. Boman Irani and Ms. Vaani Kapoor graced the occasion as honorary guests, inspiring the graduates to leverage their knowledge and skills for global progress.

This year's convocation, attended by 16,000 guests, underscores the university's exponential growth and its expanding impact on both national and global fronts. Noteworthy achievements include a significant rise in Ph.D. graduates, 82 students receiving gold medals, 6 exceptional alumni awards, and 31 merit certificates for academic excellence. Three students were honoured with the President's gold medal for the best start-up of the year.

The diverse pool of graduates represented fields such as Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, Commerce, Arts, Applied Science, Design, Architecture, Liberal Arts, and Law. University dignitaries, including President Dr. Devanshu Patel; Provost Dr. Amit Ganatra; Registrar, Prof.Manish Pandya; Vice Presidents Dr. Parul Patel and Dr.Komal Patel, and Governing Body, Board of Management and Academic Council members, graced the ceremony.

Notable alumni, including Dhara Pathak (NASA), Mohammed Vayada (Google), Gautam Jha (Indian Navy), Akshar Patel (Tesla), Ajay Zampda (Government of Gujarat), and Kuldeep Parasaniya (Blueberry Soft), were recognized for their contributions.

Many gold medalists have already begun their careers with leading companies like Adani, Aixtor, Einfochips, Hilti Manufacturing, Piramal Pharma Solutions. Some graduates are preparing for civil services, and others have pursued further studies. Ritik Jain (Adani), Urva Patel (Aixtor Technologies LLP), Arvind Rawal (HDB Financial Services), Jay Bhosale (Faurecia Automotive Interior Systems, Einfochips), and Vishal Vekariya (Master's in Petroleum in the USA) are among those who have launched successful careers.

The President's gold medal for the best start-up recognized the outstanding contributions of Jahnavi Puppala, Surya Teja Kadam, and Rajesh Chintada, founders of ST7 Surveillance Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This tech-based platform offers live cybercrime solutions, AI tools, CYFO browsing, and encrypted messaging tools.

The ceremony highlighted Parul University's commitment to fostering innovation, excellence, and career development among its graduates, setting them on a path to success.

Mr.Boman Irani stressed the importance of making yourselves proud, His father passed away when he was six months old and found himself surrounded and protected by women. He encouraged graduating candidates that the world that they will face after graduation may not be as considerate and kind as they might have expected 

When he appeared in the interview, he Encourage people around you who appear weak and poor in studies. His mother, early in his childhood, encouraged him to participate in dramatics as she knew he flourished on stage. His mother sent him to watch movies often to receive education by observing characters, cinematography.

After passing his tenth standard, he took up job as waiter in Taj Hotel. He had lost money when he had been running his family shop. He had practiced a lot and polished his skills as an actor  and when he won accolades, people said he had become an overnight success. He told them he had persevered for years to achieve this success overnight. 

He urged graduating candidates to take the risk and take leap of faith. 

He auditioned for a three minute role in a drame directed by Alque Padamsi. He rehearsed and practiced a lot for playing that part even though it was a three minute role. He played it so well that all those sitting in audience have him standing ovation. This made him popular among drama directors and won him role in many plays.

He acted in a movie which had never been released. A popular director, after seeing his performance in that movie, got impressed with his acting, called for him and gave him a cheque of Rs. 2,00,000/-. That movie was Munnabhai MBBS. Never be afraid and lose belief in your capabilities. 

When Munnabhai MBBS didn't do well initially when it was released, a compliment from last sitting on footpath outside Maratha Mandir gave him a sense of hope. She told him triumphantly that this movie will do wonders and within a week, audience in huge numbers flocked to see the movie.

His faith, determination and belief in his capabilities won him Filmfare award.

He said, " find happiness in yourself, rise boldly after every fall and work hard to fulfill your dreams"

Ms. Vaani Kapoor in her address said that when she held her bachelor's degree in her hand, she felt she now possessed power to achieve success and face the word confidently without any fear. She said that life is not all about grades. Instead, the friends one makes, the precious moments spent in the company of friends are equally important in the journey called life. She stressed importance on leading a life with belief that life provides you endless opportunities and to walk confidently in life. She congratulated the university for upholding Indian culture. She encouraged all graduating candidates to value people and choose to be the people to ignite light in others and never stop learning. In this fast changing world, the only way to cope with changing times is to adapt and endeavour.

Dr.Devanshu Patel, in his Presidential Remarks that you can always turn your misfortunes into blessings of you hold self-belief. Jambuvan reminded Haumanji of the infinite powers that lie latent in him and Jambuvan's powerful words ignited powers in Hanumanji.

Dr.Devanshu Patel stressed that one needs to exercise discretion in using powers wisely and always use common sense and intellect in taking big decisions of life.

He urged graduating candidates to practice humility, respectfulness towards elders. It is important that  contributions of all must be acknowledged instead of striving to claim credit for ourselves. 

If one wants to achieve success, it is important that one builds a team comprising individuals who are capable and share the common vision. Lord Hanuman, had he not received help from Sugriv, Jambuvan, Neel, Angad and Vibhishan, he would not have succeeded in bringing seetaji back from the captivity of Ravana.

He urged graduating candidates to become men and women of character and cultivate polite hearts and respectful souls.

He encouraged graduating candidates to express their gratitude to their parents and teachers for laying the strong foundation for them for achieving success in future.