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A Journey Towards Medical Excellence As Parul” Teaching Ayush Hospitals Receive Accreditation

With immense dedication and commitment towards helping the society through the means of quality healthcare, the Vadodara based Parul University over the years has been making groundbreaking records. Pionering the scope of Ayurvedic and Homoeopathy medical treatments, the Parul fraternity has been successful in establishing 6 teaching Ayush Hospitals all throughout Gujarat. The extent of this success has not only been limited to the establishing of these hospital facilities, but has extended to all of them receiving accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH).

Being the epitome healthcare authenticating board, the NABH stands as a symbol recognising and assuring quality to hospitals offering the finest form of healthcare in the country. The certifying have been granted to Sainath Homoeopathic Hospital, Ahmedabad, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital, Vadodara, Parul Ayurveda Hospital Vadodara, Sainath Homoeopathic Hospital, Rajkot, Parul Institute of Homoeopathy and Research Hospital, Vadodara amd Khemdas Ayurved Hospital, Vadodara. These accreditations are evidence of the immense display of excellence regarding healthcare as all the hospitals have been successful in meeting the compliance standards of the board.

Some of the compliance checks include the standard operative procedures, policies, committees designed to offer the finest level of patient satisfactory treatment. Also to note are the various quality indicators, that serve as constant marks of ensuring the best and most reliable quality in terms of health care. Therefore these accreditations serve as a symbol of assuring the highest form of patient satisfaction, and a continuous reliance ayush medications. Acting in service to the society, the hospitals continue to offer the most subsidised medical treatments, and in some instances go on to provide free care for the elderly within the surrounding villages.

“It is more than pleasing to know that the efforts that have been invested over the years by the stakeholders of the Parul hospitals fraternity has not gone unnoticed. I believe having such a prestigious mark, will not only help in assuring our patients, but it will also go a long way in challenging us to continue delivering better service to all the members of the society ”, said Dr Komal Patel, the University’s  Director of Paramedicals. The hospitals have been greatly supporting the hundred of medical students studying under Parul University, to gain practical knowledge as they work under the guidance of highly professional doctors.