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Always chasing the clock? Here are some good tips to help you get ahead of your schedule

Are you one of those people who are always running behind time and just never have enough time to complete tasks? Does it feel like you and time are not meant for each other? Well, we just want to let you know that you are perfectly normal and you are not alone you just need to create a balanced schedule and meet those deadlines. We understand that being a student can become stressful with all the hassle and bustle to meet deadlines, prepare for exams amongst other tasks. A mini task can become overwhelming especially when you have lost track of the time which ends in anxiety and stress. You should wish those days goodbye because these tips will help you to stay abreast.

Here are six expert tips to help you win at your schedule 

  1. Focus on one task at a time

Multi-tasking always sounds like the best thing to do especially when you try to fit big tasks into small slots. As creative as it sounds it always ends up with a lot of stress and tons of coffee. However, you might end up doing multiple tasks and leaving them halfway altogether. Therefore it is essential for you to give one task your full attention so that you will be able to complete it effectively and on time. Get rid of all distractions and always take mini breaks in between the tasks.

       2.  Create realistic deadlines

Always plan your work according to your pace and understand that some tasks may take longer than expected but that does not mean it's a failure. Decide which work needs to be done, and by what deadlines. Once you know the time limit for the work you need to do, this automatically creates the pressure to come up with a productive schedule." Stack tasks on your schedule according to their realistic deadlines, rather than breaking things into uniform time slots.

   3.    Discipline yourself to avoid distractions 

The human mind is a fascinating organ, it tends to become creative and wander during task periods. Therefore you need to exercise and train the mind to concentrate. You might feel tempted to check on a friend or open an Instagram pop-up message. No matter how tempting it can get, always tell yourself no and keep working. Start small, maybe five minutes per day, and work up to larger chunks of time.

    4.   Always revise your schedule on a regular basis

A great way to keep yourself focused on what still needs to be done is to do a constant check-in with your schedule. That way you won't be sidelined by a chunk of time that needs deep concentration and energy, and you'll be able to ration out your concentration correctly throughout the day.

    5. Add cushion times between every task

Unforeseen time-wasters can always lend during your task; this makes cushion time important so that you will give yourself some wiggle room. When some tasks take more time than expected it is important to remain calm and make use of the cushion time.

     6. Schedule hard tasks for  the time you are most productive

If you know that you have a tricky task coming up the next day that'll need your undivided attention try to pencil it in during an off-hour that you'll feel your most productive.

Despite how busy your schedule can get, always balance your social life and do not forget the other things that matter in life. The PU campus has various spots where you can go out and breathe the freshness of the air,  these spots are located in less noisy and less crowded places.