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Freshers Fest '22: Pulsating environment, foot-tapping music, and good food. We’re all geared up to welcome the new students to the campus!

After an extremely long wait, the most anticipated event is finally happening at the university.
‘FRESHERS’ holds a special place in the heart of the students who have just arrived on the
campus. The university has gone above and beyond to host a very special FRESHERS for the
students this time.

FRESHERS-22 will be the biggest fiesta in the history of Parul University as the event will take
place for two days, 29th November and 30th November 2022. The students can expect to have
the time of their lives during these two days of carnival.

From mouth-watering food to jaw-dropping jamming sessions, the students can expect to have
a proper carnival experience at the freshers. Various local brands of the city will take place in
the flea market as well. Big names will be performing live during the concert and there will be
adventurous games to help you vibe with your squad! The FRESHERS’22 is going to be the
biggest fun event of the year!

Day 1 - 29th November 2022

Food stalls
Food trucks
Flea market
Jamming sessions

Day 2 - 30th November 2022

Food stalls
Food trucks
Flea market

Jamming sessions
Live concert

You can register by clicking on the following links.

Registration link for Day 1 (29th November 2022): Click to Register

Registration link for Day 2 (30th November 2022: Click to Register

General instructions for the Freshers’22-

● Only a single entry is allowed per entry pass.
● This event is only for the members of Parul University.
● Jamming sessions on both days will start at 6:00 PM.
● Entry pass is only valid for the date and time selected at the time of registration.
● Entry pass is nontransferable.
● EDM is complimentary with the entry pass of Day 1 i.e., 29 November 2022.
● The concert is complimentary with the entry pass of Day 2 i.e., 30 November 2022.
● Organizers reserve the right to cancel or transfer all registrations without any prior
notice or explanation.
● The Flea Area will be closed from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM on both days.
● In case of any misbehavior from the participant, the organizers hold all the rights to
remove him/her from the venue.
● In case of overcrowding, organizers have the right to pause the new entries for a short
period of time.