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Parul University’s Institute of Design Showcases Spectacular Fashion through Stellar Collections and Spotlighting Emerging Talents at the Vadodara Fashion Week 2.0 

Vadodara once again became a hub for fashion extravaganza as Vadodara Fashion Week 2.0 made a comeback on December 27, 2023. Organized and hosted by the Faculty of Design, Parul Institute of Design, this Vadodara Fashion Week 2.0 was all set to take the fashion world by storm as it proudly showcased creativity, innovation, and emerging talents within the vibrant community of the university. The event focused on some of the leading, innovative designs curated by the graduating fashion designing students of Parul University. Building on the success and triumph of the Vadodara Fashion Week season 1, this edition of the Vadodara Fashion Week was a spectacle of innovative fashion in the field of formal wear, streetwear, casual and evening attire, kids wear, and sustainable fashion. 

Vadodara Fashion Week 2.0 was a robust fashion of cutting-edge designs, trendsetting styles, and a celebration of the diverse perspectives of fashion as the graduating students from the Faculty of Design displayed their collections that have been inspired by various elements of nature, life, and fantasy. This event marks a significant milestone in the university’s efforts to foster creativity and provide a platform for the aspiring, young, and next-generation of designers. From traditional to formal to collections inspired by fairy tales, the event featured multiple collections and sequences that were introduced on the stage by actresses who were our stunning showstoppers, Malti Chahar, Esha Kansara, and Aditi Bhatia. Beyond a platform to showcase their creativity and expertise in fashion designing, the event also allowed these budding young designers to gain valuable insights and exposure to industry with a masterclass from the eminent fashion designer, Archana Kochhar; who also served as the Guest of Honor at the Vadodara Fashion Week 2.0.  

The graduating fashion show was organized for the final year graduating students from the Faculty of Design and featured a series of runway shows, highlighting collections from our up-and-coming designers who brought a fresh perspective to the runway as they blended traditional designs with modern influences and pushed the boundaries of the conventional fashion norms. The runway collections consisted of a wide range of styles and trends - from formal wear to kids collection. Eyes of Hour by Uzama and Krish was inspired by Egyptian culture while Suave by Mubeena and Himani was inspired by botanics and comfortable travel clothing. Hinal and Tisha’s My Dream Castle was inspired by enchanting dresses often seen in fantasy worlds and fairytales and Desi Pop by Avya and Yashi was a streetwear collection made especially for kids. Glow in the Flow by Anjali and Neha was largely inspired by jellyfish, moon, and the nature, Metamorphism by Preeti & Devina was a collection of formal outfits inspired by an indigenous culture of Rajasthan, and Palatial Elegance by Srishty and Ankit was a bridal wear collection inspired by the city of Udaipur, among others. 

In addition to the captivating runways, Vadodara Fashion Week 2.0 hosted a masterclass session with Fashion Designer, Archana Kochhar providing a unique opportunity for industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and students to engage in meaningful conversations about the ever-evolving world of fashion. The internationally acclaimed fashion designer, who is renowned for her sensible and sustainable collections, shared insights about the evolving trends in design and fashion, the use of cruelty-free materials in making clothing, and the skills an up-and-coming designer should possess in today’s world of fashion. Archana Kochhar has been a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry with her designs being preferred by people across the world such as the U.K., Thailand, USA, UAE, among others and her collections have been featured on national and international runways such as New York Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week, and India Fashion Week. Other beautiful collections included a nature-inspired collection Mimesis by Tia & Sneha, a sustainable Men’s wear collection ‘Dig Down’ by Santosh & Tanisha, ‘Achromatic Enigma’ by Jui & Sanskriti inspired by Black Swan, a culturally rich ‘Ektatra’ collection by Saloni & Supriya, a musically inspired collection ‘Ekatra’ by Akansha and Neha, and a yoga and chakra-inspired collection, Chakras by Rajvi & Maitri. 

With inclusivity and compassion at the forefront of the fashion week, a collection in the category of Adaptive Clothing featured a vibrant and warm collection which were worn by the specially abled children from the Spandan School for Mentally Challenged. These kids walked the ramp with enthusiasm, energy, and grace showcasing a very special and beautifully curated collection that was specifically designed for them. 

These enchanting, highly innovative, and creative designs were worn by stunning and talented national and international models who walked on the runway to showcase the collections. Talented actresses from the Hindi film industry, Malti Chahar, Esha Kansara, and Aditi Bhatia were the stellar showstoppers who added an extra layer of elegance, charm, and confidence to the entire fashion show. 

Platforms such as Vadodara Fashion Week 2.0 provide an opportunity to the graduating design students to showcase their creative prowess and innovative designs in front of a panel of jurors who offer constructive feedback and insights and to evaluate the work of these students. The stage of this program celebrates the conclusion of the hard work and dedication these students have put into making their academic journey in design a success. Vadodara Fashion Week is an exciting and inspiring event that showcases the creative prowess of emerging designers from within the university's fashion program. The event brings together industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts, and students to celebrate and explore the future of fashion as these students take the next step to venture into the industry.