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Projections 2024, Gujarat’s Largest Technical Festival, Enlightens Minds with a Stellar Edition on the Theme Cosmos, Witnesses Participation from over 15 States of the Country

Technological innovation and creativity took center stage as PU geared up to host yet another edition of Gujarat’s Largest Technical Festival, Projections 2024. Drawing inspiration from various elements of this vast world, Projections 2024 offers an innovation and technologically advanced platform for young tech enthusiasts to showcase their creativity and innovative prowess in the field of all things technology. The technical event saw a massive influx of participants from all over the country in an exciting line-up of technical, non-technical, arcade, and adventure events. This year’s Projections 2024 saw over 12,000 participants from 15+ states of the country and from different universities nationwide. With more than 50,000 footfalls and viewers, the technical fest was abuzz with tech enthusiasts and visionaries. The technical fest held at the campus of PU brought together brilliant minds, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts for a unique and enriching experience.

Projections 2024 was a truly universal celebration of technology as it gave a platform for the innovation and creation of technologically advanced projects inspired by the power of this vast universe. Aptly themed, Cosmos, the fest aimed to transcend boundaries and inspire innovation by delving into the vast expense of the universe. The technical festival, with an aim to foster the crossover and fusion of technology and the cosmos, became a voyage into the future showcasing the endless possibilities of innovation and experiment. The fets aimed to show the infinite possibilities that lie in the universe and the extraordinary tech journey that lies beyond the realm of imagination. The technical fest, which is rightfully termed as the Gujarat’s Largest Technical Festival with its 19 years of legacy, comprised 50+ technical and non-technical events, 20+ workshops and lectures from industry professionals, and prize money worth 7 lakhs. The major focus of this event was on the advancements in robotics, aeronautics, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, and Coding among others. “For over the last 19 years, Projections have always brought something new to the table. This year’s Projections have also unfolded brilliantly. The theme ‘Cosmos’ was not merely a backdrop but a canvas upon which our students painted a masterpiece of innovation and collaboration. As the Dean of Student Welfare, it makes me really glad when students show their capabilities in managing such events,” said Dhruvil Shah, Dean of Student Welfare.



What always stands out the most in Projections is the seamless cooperation and teamwork that is exhibited by the organizing committee. The meticulous planning and execution by the students reflects not only their passion for such technical events but also their ability to collaborate effectively with each other. This event has not only showcased the talents within our student body but has also fostered a spirit of unity and shared purpose,” said Mr. Pujan Shah, Organising Chairperson of Projections. Projections is a student-run technical festival with more than 500 students forming the core part of the team.

Dr. Devanshu Patel, President of PU expressed his thoughts on the seamless execution of the technical fest, and was quoted saying, “I am immensely proud of the way our students have embraced challenges, embraced innovation, and created an event that will be remembered for its excellence. It has not only enriched the academic community but has also offered a platform for personal and professional growth.”

The success of the technical festival, Projections 2024 is a testament to the growing interest and passion for technology, space exploration, and innovation. Projections with its events such as Flying Buzz, Human Chess, Dr. Holmes 2.0, Code Crackerz, Mechamaze, Aqua Missile 2.0, Trade Tycoon, FIFA Horizon, and Frame Focus, among others, aim to push the boundaries of the technological frontiers and innovation. It offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of technology and learn valuable insights from industry professionals such as hands-on training and workshops from experts such as Flutter Workshop by Pratik Butani, Flutter Lead and Senior Android Developer and Bug Bounty Workshop by Aditya Shende, CHO, Co-founder of X-COODE.

Projections 2024 is the perfect combination of academic exposure and exciting events. This year’s tech fest closed with a banging performance from the legendary musical duo Vishal and Sheykhar. Known for their famous hits such as Chammak Challo, Radha from Student of the Year, Dostana album, Jhoome Jo Pathan, and Zehnaseeb among others, these iconic music composers and vocalists took to the stage of Projections 2024 to give the tech fest the farewell it deserved. With 12,000+ students and individuals present on both days of the fest, the live-in concert was the perfect end to an exciting tech fest.


With 19 years of legacy and participation and viewership from thousands of interested individuals nationwide, Projections has undoubtedly made an indelible mark in technology and innovation. Projections 2024 saw participation from more than 3000 students from over 15 states of the country. “Participating in Projections was a transformative experience that not only introduced me to cutting-edge projects and like-minded people but also made me feel like an integral part of a vibrant, innovative community. There is over 7 lakh of prize money and a tremendous opportunity to network as well as win the event. I look forward to carrying the inspiration gained from this experience into my future endeavors. “, said Aayush Jha