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PU’s Diploma Studies conducts numerous Social Responsive initiatives dedicated towards empowering the girl-child, recognising the elderly and safeguarding the environment with its “EACH ONE REACH ONE” initiative.

From its inception PU’s Social Responsive Cell has always aimed to uplift the community through little acts of kindness to better the livelihood of the people in the surrounding communities. Recently various initiatives were organised by the Diploma Studies of its engineering institute which were spearheaded by two faculties, Dr. Ruchi Srivastava, Principal, Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology and Mr Apoorva Prajapati, Department Coordinator, Department of Electrical Engineering. Fueled by this passion for the community, the team conducted an initiative where they went forth to empower the young girls from Waghodia village through the “Each One Reach One” program. The program focused on providing knowledge about the importance of grains for environmental protection and their impact on health. Furthermore during the visit at the school, the students were nourished with practical ways which they can engage in to contribute towards making a sustainable change including the preservation and protection of the environment

The Social Responsive Cell has been a driver of many other impactful initiatives aimed to better the environment as well as the wellbeing of society around the city of Vadodara. Additionally, in line with this, the University engaged its students and staff members in a plastic waste collection movement where 200 kgs of plastic waste was collected and taken for the recycling process. Taking into account social responsibility and the concept of sustainable development, students were made aware of the harmful effects of e-waste and the e-waste was also collected from them. Furthermore along these strides, An organic garden was planted In effort to promote the sharing of information on life cycle thinking as well as the importance of organic farming. During the initiative an organic garden was planted in association with the Agriculture College In which the students were given an understanding of the practice of organic farming. In addition the attendees were also presented with an opportunity to plant the seedlings of fruits and vegetables which include tomatoes, papaya, milkweed, cucumber and many others.

Continuing its social centric initiatives, the University’s SRC department also went on to organise a World Elder Abuse Awareness Rally to encourage the people to value and care for the elderly. In alignment with the same efforts, a program of 25 sun salutations and various asanas was organised under the Yogathon program for the students. The event aimed to explain the importance of health and the importance of yoga in day to day life. Furthermore the university also organised a workshop on home made reusable sanitary pads along with a menstrual hygiene awareness campaign. 

Additionally to the great contributions being initiated, students from the Engineering faculty were presented with an opportunity to learn about fire safety whereby a three day comprehensive workshop was organised to educate them on how to respond to fire emergencies. “It is a true saying that by educating one girl we educate the whole village, i believe that ongoing programs such as these will go a long way to positively impact the lives of these students and help them to care and be responsible for their environment and the society in general”, shared Dr. Ruchi Srivastava, Principal, Diploma Studies PIET.