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PU’s Social Responsive Cell together with National Service Scheme Takes it to The Streets of Vadodara to Ensure a Smoking Free Community on World No Tobacco Day

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day PU’s Social Responsive Cell took it to the streets of Vadodara to raise awareness on the effects of tobacco on the health of the public. In addition to one of its social centre initiatives, the University made a social awareness program which included role plays, allegiance pledges, tulsi plants donation among other initiatives in association with the National Service Scheme. The role plays across the city to represent the pessimistic impacts of cigarette use. To ensure many lives were impacted, the entire event was presented at several sites, including Kamatibaug, the Central Bus Station in Vadodara, Eva Mall, and the Vadodara Railway Station. The play was highly successful in showcasing the negative impacts including the increased risk of contracting serious illnesses like cancer, coronary artery disease, and respiratory issues.

In effort to ensure a long-lasting commitment a pledge of allegiance was held for the individuals who took the courageous step to quit smoking. On this account the sacred Tulsi plant was handed over to the participants in the presence of their families and witnesses who were present as a token of admiration to individuals who had promised to choose to refrain from tobacco. To aid their commitment a leaflet distribution and signature campaign was also held for the accountability of all who were present. With the aim to promote smoke free environments, the organisation encouraged the general public to stretch their hand towards supporting their loved ones by creating healthy atmospheres to help them in abandoning cigarettes and battling tobacco addiction. In addition, resources and advice on practical quit smoking tactics were made available to participants.

In order to encourage others to take action, the event also included success stories of people who had given up smoking and shared their perspectives. The event also highlighted the significance of developing a supportive atmosphere to aid people in abandoning cigarettes and battling tobacco addiction. Resources and advice on practical quit smoking tactics were made available to participants. Since its inception, the Social Responsive Cell has launched many initiatives that have been successful to ignite change, and advance society through a variety of programmes, activities, and partnerships. This locally driven organisation has brought immeasurable change and has also touched many communities by addressing innumerable social concerns and advancing community welfare. “Awareness is the starting point towards shaping a healthy society and the Social Responsive Cell, has been committed towards creating a smoking free and healthy Vadodara, by spreading awareness and also equipping the local community with the ways to make this possible, said the University SRC Chairperson and Vice President, Dr Geetika M Patel.