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Shabana Azmi graces PU’s campus in effort to foster the art of literature at During the Vadodara Film Festiva

Over the past centuries works of literature have made a great inspiration toward art, and together art and literature have simultaneously been used as a tool to teach students about liberal arts and humanity. To this account PU invited India's highly appreciated actress Shabana Azmi to grace the Vadodara Literature Festival. The two-day event organised under the Faculty of Liberal Arts together with I.I.M.U.N aimed to bring together a number of fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, renowned chefs and authors, and teachers from the literary world to engage in conversations related to the art of writing, storytelling, and literature. Being the first of its kind the flagship event will feature prominent figures from across the country like Chatan Bhagat, Durjoy Datta for sharing insightful lessons with the young students.

The Vadodara Literature Festival was inaugurated by the hands of the veteran actress and social activist, Shabana Azmi. She also engaged in an interactive discussion on the stage of VLF to discuss a wide range of topics; from India to religions to inclusivity in today’s culture. During the panel discussion, she said, “The purpose of literature is to provoke and it requires extreme freedom and I have immense respect for the written word.” While addressing the topic of regional language heritage of India, she added, “To promote regional languages, literature festivals must have translations. And I am extremely impressed with the involvement of young individuals and students in the functioning of this literature festival.”

Shabana Azmi is a renowned actress, social activist, Padma Shri & Padma Bhushan Awardee. Over the decades she has Immensely contributed to the Indian Film Industry with over 160 films. She has displayed exceptional creativity that has been critically acclaimed in independent film and neo-realistic parallel cinema of India. The icon is well known for her portrayal of distinctive and unconventional roles across the diverse genres in the industry. During her visit to the campus she participated in the inaugural ceremony and addressed the anticipating literature lovers. She addressed the students by taking them through her inspirational journey in the world of literature. Moreover, Shabana Azmi is also a recipient of National Film Awards for Best Actress, a record in itself. She has touched many lives through her acts of humanity being a Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Population Fund UNPF. adding to her list of her many noble laurels she is also a Former nominated member of the Rajya Sabha.

In effort to aid in the understanding of the written world through visual imagery the Faculty of Liberal Arts is one of the prominent faculties in the university that aims to develop unparalleled problem solving, communication, and leadership abilities in the students. The curriculum aims to enhance students’ engagement in contemporary issues that can improve society and positively impact humanity. Organized by the Faculty of Liberal Arts, the main objective of VLF is to encourage students and young individuals to appreciate literature and develop an intellectually critical and analytical mindset.