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The Most Awaited Grand Technology Exhibition of Gujarat, TechExpo 2024 Kicks off at PU Hosting featuring unique projects on a grand Celebration of Innovation and Technology

Gujarat’s leading tech festival kicked off once again at PU. The annual flagship technical exhibition, TechExpo 2024, a thrilling, insightful and engaging event provided students with a hands-on training experience in the field of technology. This event provided an important opportunity for students to gain practical, real-world experience and build the skills required to drive the industry seamlessly. The University's commitment to innovation and ingenuity is highlighted as a top goal in TechExpo 2024. As one of the leading technical festivals in the country, TechExpo 2024 brought together final-year students from diverse fields, including engineering, applied sciences, computer applications, and agriculture, to showcase their technical projects and expertise. The event not only showcased the projects of internal students but also extended an invitation to participants from other esteemed universities across the state and the nation.

During the exhibition, the teams displayed their projects at allocated stalls, providing a visual representation of their hard work and dedication. Expert advice from distinguished guests was given to participants, enabling them to refine and build upon their innovative ideas. Additionally the students with the ideas that reflected the most novelty were awarded to the teams with the most exceptional initiatives, recognising and appreciating their contributions to technology. The event saw the display of a wide array of innovative projects, some of which include cutting-edge and breakthrough ideas in the technical realm. Through interactive displays, insightful knowledge exchange, and engaging discussions, participants were poised to gain invaluable insights, refine their technical acumen, and explore the boundless possibilities that technology offers.

The event saw an impressive display of many innovative projects from young, ingenious minds. Some of the remarkable projects displayed include autonomous electric tractors, Autonomous Electric Tractors (AET) an integration of IoT technology in the "Autonomous Electric Tractor" representing a transformative leap for agriculture. The project seamlessly combines automation and electric power, allowing the vehicle to be operated without a driver.

Additionally another project of interest includes a mono stage sounding category rocket with Max. relative velocity of:-686 m/s , Apogee point:- 3.165 km , Apogee earn time:- 18 sec and  Fuel type:- solid buster. This highly innovative rocket was equipped with a satellite for studying the atmosphere layer by layer from the wind speed, air density, presence of harmful chemicals and nuclear radiation .

Also to note is a project called sky sketcher, a solar facial panel with dust-proof coating, and biosole Innovations, among many others that is conceptualized in such a way that ensures a specific focus on renewable energy and sustainability in the long run. Biosole Innovations, for example, is a sustainable footwear fabrication from biomass. Another one of the projects on display includes a Solar Bifacial Panel with Dust Proof Coating any photovoltaic solar cell that can produce electrical energy when illuminated on either of its surfaces, front or rear.  The merits of this project are to repel water, prevent build-up of dirt and environmental pollution. As part of the exhibition, another project includes Bio-sole Innovations, a sustainable footwear fabrication from biomass which involves the study, synthesis, and application of footwear materials derived from biomass, with a primary focus on utilizing algae as a raw material. Through advanced biotechnological processes, key components from algae were extracted, enabling the creation of innovative, sustainable materials for footwear production.

The exhibitions provided the students with a unique way to note only showcase their innovations, but also exchange knowledge, ideas and innovations with other key participants. Furthermore, another projects includes wireless power transmission for EV on road Inductive charging enables the transfer of electric energy between two coils, one placed on the road infrastructure and the other integrated into the EV. This technology eliminates the need for physical connections or cables, offering a convenient and seamless charging experience With the help of this technology, electric vehicles can be charged on any parked locations. Deep fake detection is another cuƫting edge solution  aimed at tackling the growing concern of deep fake technology. deep fakes, AI-generated media that depict false events or manipulate existing  content, pose significant challenges in various domains, including misinformation. The project focuses on developing a Deep Fake Detection on System (DFDS) to combat the proliferation of deceptive media .

The exhibition also featured vision wallet, a project designed to bridge gaps for the visually impaired in identifying Indian paper currency. The project used color sensors for the detection of Indian paper currency. The color sensor is placed inside the black box so other light forms do not interfere and it  has detected paper currency amounts like 20/-, 50/-, 100/- and 200/- with an accuracy of 80% to 85%.

In a world where challenges are ever-evolving, PU remains committed to empowering the youth to create new solutions for the current and emerging challenges. The enthusiastic participation by the students indeed exhibits their passion for the field and their drive for innovative solutions. It is heartening to see the younger generation harboring a solution-oriented approach and striving to create a meaningful impact in society by means of technology. And PU seeks to provide the most conducive environment for these budding minds to bring their talent, ability, and skills to the fore. TechExpo 2024 stands as a testament to the university's dedication to a sustainable future through the continuous support and encouragement of the next generation.