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This Local Hospital Celebrates World Health Week with a Touch of Sustainability for its Medical Staff and Patients

With the ever-growing demand for sustainable practices, environmental preservation and sensitivity have become two of the main driving goals for Parul Sevashram Hospital’s day-to-day operations. As part of its World Health Day commemorations, the hospital recently inaugurated a Green Corridor within the hospital premises to serve the purpose of raising awareness to the public regarding the need for implementing highly sustainable practices and developing eco-friendly habits. To mark this year’s World Health Day, the hospital organized a series of programs and activities which have been dedicated towards empowering and encouraging its health community including the launch of its new Parul Arogya Card. 

In addition to this, the hospital went on to sensitize the public through numerous sessions, dedicated towards developing their knowledge on matters relating to sustainable health practices. In line with this, Parul Sevashram Hospital’s team organized an awareness talk focusing on the various elements relating to heatstroke. These knowledge talks also featured sessions on the significance and importance of reducing plastic use for the staff and the local community. As a highlight of the green corridor, the hospital’s medical staff adopted plants that will be under their nurturing and personal care. The discharged patients also received saplings which were placed under their care. The 7th of April is celebrated across the world with the focus of promoting effective and quality healthcare, and in this year’s celebrations, Parul Sevashram took up the initiative of celebrating healthcare with a touch of sustainability. 

The hospital also took this opportunity to launch its newly initiated Parul Arogya Card which is an efficient and sustainable method of ensuring effective health delivery for the patients who are under the hospital’s care. The celebrations also featured some creative and fun moments as the hospital’s staff went on to prepare eye-catching meals and recipes under the theme “food without fire” to promote fuel optimization. “At Parul Sevashram Hospital, we always seek to create an inclusive community by involving all our stakeholders in not only ensuring healthcare but also in creating a culture of healthy lifestyles”, said Ms. Ekta Modi, Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer.