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MG Nurture to upskill students at PU

Vadodara, June 14, 2024: Under the MG Nurture program, JSW MG Motor India demonstrated its support by presenting MG ZS EV- India’s first Pure Electric Internet SUV to PU in Vadodara. MG Nurture initiative is geared towards accelerating skill development and fostering technical upskilling to bridge the industry-academia gap. Through strategic partnerships with over 40 colleges, we aim to upskill over 100,000 students. This program extends beyond EVs to encompass Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, enriching engineering, and diploma colleges across India.

Additionally, the brand is actively engaged in skilling and upskilling programs. In a move to strengthen this commitment, JSW MG Motor India launched the first-of-its-kind EV Education platform, EVPEDIA with the aim goal is to create an in-depth EV education digital platform that provides comprehensive and accessible information to educate a larger audience and promote the adoption of EVs in India.

Speaking about MG Nurture, Yeshwinder Patial, Senior Director - Human Resources, JSW MG Motor India, said, “Our MG Nurture initiative takes a step further by nurturing the next generation’s skills, building a strong knowledge foundation, and making them future- ready for the automotive industry. Through our academic tie-ups with institutions across the country, offering elective courses designed to provide students with immersive learning experiences we help cultivate a future-ready ecosystem.”

Dr Parul Patel, Vice President - of PU, stated, “At PU, we take pride in our pioneering leadership within the education sector. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we cultivate high-calibre skills among our students, fostering a strong foundation of knowledge and equipping them with the trending technologies of the modern world. Through strategic industry collaborations with companies like JSW MG Motor India, we intend to provide invaluable industry exposure, ensuring our students become employable to face real-world challenges making them the talent of the future.”

The students at PU will gain access to the MG ZS EV- India’s first Pure Electric Internet SUV aims to provide an opportunity for students at PU to learn about the internal components of the vehicle. By familiarizing themselves with the vehicle's internal components, students will gain practical knowledge through the automobile engineering courses offered in the curriculum. Furthermore, this will enable students to engage in in-depth study of different vehicle components through reverse engineering.