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Pharma Fest 2023 Event Registrations

About Pharma Fest 2023
21-22 December, 2023

Pharma Fest 2023, a national level pharmacy fest organized and hosted by Faculty of Pharmacy at Parul University, is a beacon of commitment of the institution and university to advancing excellence in pharmaceutical education and research, serving as a dynamic platform for budding pharmacists and pharmaceutical enthusiasts. PharmaFest 2023 features a diverse range of competitions for students to showcase their knowledge, skills and passion for the field. It promises to be an exciting journey to discovery, where participants can uncover limitless possibilities for the world of pharmacy. With 736,000 in prize money and winners and runners-up receiving prizes worth $3000 and $1,500 respectively, the festival is poised to become one of the most anticipated and rewarding experiences for all aspiring pharmacy students and professionals.

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Event Registrations 

1. Model Mania: https://ease.buzz/23117XBlsD

2. Pharma Prints: https://ease.buzz/2311rHvLkC

3. Click to Sell: https://ease.buzz/2311fSzWTL

4. Think-Tank Summit: https://ease.buzz/2311aP8EHR

5. Diagno-Vista: https://ease.buzz/2311ykYDBR

6. Medtech Talkathon: https://ease.buzz/23117cdyQz

7. Rx Recipe Rumble: https://ease.buzz/2311cIvI2g

8. Debaters Decathlon: https://ease.buzz/23115i8B2w

9. Knowledge Kombat: https://ease.buzz/2311XKj5Xs

10. Reel-Craft: https://ease.buzz/2311u9wUzw